Knife sharpening returning February 2020!

Bring your blunt kitchen knives along  and have them brought back to life by Edge Revival while you have a coffee and do your weekly shop!

2020 Knife Sharpening Dates:
Monday 3rd February
Monday 2nd March
Monday 6th April
Monday 4th May
Monday 8th June
Monday 6th July
Monday 3rd August
Monday 7th September
Monday 5th October
Monday 2nd November
Monday 7th December

From: 11am-12pm (this is the time Edge Revival will be in store - knives can be dropped off any time prior to 11am).

Where: Moore Wilson's College Street Fresh Market

Price: $10 per knife or $9 per knife for 4 or more.
Scissor sharpening $16 each.

Knives must be wrapped in a tea towel. Please drop knives to the Fresh Market service desk.

Waiting times may vary depending on demand.

Edge Revival reserves the right to decline to sharpen a knife or scissors if it is not considered practical to sharpen. In this event a full refund will be given.