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  • Free LEGO Building Event

    LEGO 'Make & Take' Building Event
    Moore Wilson's Tory Street Toy Dept.
    Thursday 26th April 2018

    Build a mini LEGO model and it’s yours to take home! 1 model per child. Plenty of spot prizes and giveaways on the day. Free entry. See you at Moore Wilson’s Tory Street Toy Department for heaps of fun!

    There's plenty more going on for the holidays including a Sylvanian Families colouring competition and Playmobil cardholder draw with an awesome prize valued at over $150! See in store for details.

  • Chalmers Organics

    The Chalmers family manufacture organic plant based products under two brands – Tonzu and Zenzo. Chalmers Organics Ltd are New Zealand’s only certified organic tofu manufacturer and have been manufacturing organic wholefood products for three generations. They were also the first Auckland employer to endorse the Living Wage campaign.

    The Chalmers story began in the 1970s after the illness of a young family member (now an owner of Chalmers Organics) lead the family to investigate alternative nutritional methods and develop a passion for healthy lifestyles and organic sustainable food sources.

    Chalmers Organics specialise in the manufacture of traditional and sustainable 100% certified organic food products that are both good for you, and good for the environment you live in. Their products contain no preservatives or artificial additives of any kind.

    As a business, their number one guiding principal is that people and the environment are prioritised ahead of profits. This means they only manufacture food products where the integrity of their nutritional value can be maintained throughout the manufacturing process, and the manufacturing process has minimal or no negative impact on our environment.

    The Chalmers believe organic food is more sustainable economically, environmentally and personally for all people across all walks of life. In New Zealand products can be labelled as ‘organic’ without having to prove this claim through certification. Buying Tonzu products with the BioGro certification gives you as a consumer an independent validation that a product is truly organic. You don’t have to read the fine print, the stamp says it all.

    Tonzu and Zenzo products available from Moore Wilson’s:

    Tonzu Organic Tofu
    An organic protein source that is very versatile and great value for money. Blend into smoothies or scramble on toast for breakfast. Add to vegetable curries and salads for lunch. Cook up in soups or casseroles, stir-frys and lasagnes for dinner, and make popular desserts like cheesecake, custard or whipped cream!

    Tonzu Organic Tempeh
    Tempeh (pronounced TEM-pay) originally came from Indonesia where it was an ancient delicacy, and remains a time-honoured favourite today. Tonzu Tempeh is traditionally made by tenderly cooking whole organic soya beans, and adding a rhyzopus culture to them. This culture grows through the beans, binding them together to form a dense, tasty Tempeh. Slice into thin strips and fry in vegetable oil with a sprinkling with organic tamari.

    Tonzu Organic Vegetarian Sausages
    A tasty, healthy alternative to meat sausages - whether you are a vegetarian, or simply looking for ways to reduce your weekly meat consumption. A labour of love – the Chalmers family spent two years searching for the right organic ingredients, bringing these together in a recipe that serves you the best textured and flavoured sausage, without compromising nutritional integrity.

    Zenzo are a new range of plant-based, dairy free products launched by the Chalmers family.

    Zenzo Coconut Yoghurt
    100% true certified vegan culture, contains ONLY coconut and culture – nothing else. Naturally dairy free, no added sugar, cholesterol free, trans fat free, additive free.

    Zenzo Vegan Aioli
    Seriously tasty aioli suitable for vegans and the dairy-intolerant – egg free, soy free, nut free, GMO free, and gluten free.

    Zenzo Dairy Free Vegan Cheddar
    100% dairy free, no added sugar, lactose free, soy free, vegan, gluten free, and nut free. Enjoy as you would conventional cheddar cheese - slice or grate, melt and enjoy!

  • The Best Brussels Sprouts

    A member of the Brassica family, Brussels Sprouts are, of course, named after the city of Brussels where they are thought to have originated. There are two main growing areas in New Zealand. The first is Ohakune in the central North Island. It tends to produce smaller sprouts with compact heads These become available early in the season (autumn). The second major growing area is Oamaru in North Otago where they  produce slightly larger sprouts  using a different sprout variety. Oamaru sprouts arrive later in the season and have a sweeter flavour.

    Brussels Sprouts are very good for you because they are a rich source of phytochemicals including glucosinolates, carotenoids and phenolic compounds. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, folate and also a good source of B group vitamins. Brussels Sprouts also contain sulforaphane, a chemical believed to have anti-cancer properties. (Note that boiling reduces the amount of anticancer compounds but steaming and sautéing do not result in significant loss.)

    Traditionally Brussels Sprouts are usually boiled or steamed but whatever cooking method you use, they do need to carefully cooked. Overcooking has been responsible for sometimes giving  sprouts a bad reputation because overcooking results in the release of high amounts of sulfur that badly affects the smell and taste. So, however you cook your sprouts, avoid overcooking at all costs.

    With the addition of butter and bacon, this simple recipe from Annabel Langbein is sure to convert even those who would normally turn up their nose at Brussels sprouts!

  • Urlar Estate Organic Wines

    With Scottish roots deep in farming and the art of whiskey distilling, Angus and Davina have always had a passion for the land and the beauty of what can be produced when it is nurtured. After falling for New Zealand, they moved their passion to Gladstone, Wairarapa, and here began Urlar.

    The first vines were planted at the estate in 2004, and now with 94,000, Urlar produce over 15,000 cases per year when in full production.

    Urlar began the process of organic certification and started using biodynamic practices in 2007. They became fully BioGro certified in 2010.

    Organic and biodynamic practices are about giving back to the soil and managing the vineyard as a balanced sustainable farming unit. This includes organic practices such as recycling through composts, liquid manures and increasing plant biodiversity. Using the biodynamic farming and gardening calendar, the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars are recognised and worked where possible.

    Angus and Davina sincerely believe in a sense of place. The soil, the climate, the people and their passion. By giving back to the soil, enhancing the environment they occupy and leaving it in better shape, Urlar has become a place for the long term and for future generations.

    Their passion is to produce handcrafted, elegant wines with a purity of flavour that is achieved through integrity. In every glass, Urlar invites you to taste a sense of their place.

    Urlar wines available through

    Urlar Sauvignon Blanc The excellent 2016 vintage delivers subtle aromas of white florals, fresh herbs and stone fruits. The palate is full and rich with varietal flavours of gooseberry, tropical and stone fruits. An elegant and restrained Sauvignon Blanc with subtle richness balanced with a lovely minerality. Wonderfully suited to herb marinated white meat dishes or freshly shucked oysters.

    Urlar Pinot Gris An opulent dry styled wine with aromas of sweet pear, honeysuckle and stonefruit overlaying a generous mouth feel of great weight and depth. The creamy texture on the palate from the lees stirring provides the backbone to a long and lingering finish. An elegant wine with a beautiful balance that will reward cellaring up to five years. Great with pork dishes, especially a slow roasted pork belly or Asian cuisine that is lightly spiced.

    Urlar Riesling In homage to its stony origins, this dry styled riesling has an underlying mineral thread throughout. Aromas include lime zest, granny smith apples and citrus which combine beautifully with a rich palate texture. A tight mineral thread runs the length of the palate making it delicious to drink now although cellaring for five years or more will be richly rewarded. It stands up well to lightly spiced tapas, Asian food and handles strong cheeses well.

    Urlar Pinot Noir An elegant wine of dark red berry fruits, dried herbs, lifted red florals and subtle savoury notes. The fruit is complexed by layers of whole bunch nuances, undergrowth, spices and earthy cedar. Elegantly concentrated with fine tannins and a silky texture. Beautifully suited to a rack of lamb or gamey dishes such as venison or duck.

  • Moore Wilson's Pop-Up Food Pods


    Joining the Chook Wagon and Miki Sushi, Pop-up Food Pods are the latest addition to our takeaway food offering! 

    Located in the Piazza at Moore Wilson's College Street, Food Pods provide a chance for local artisans to 'pop-up' for a limited time and share their take on street food direct to the Wellington public. Here's what's on right now:

    Pod 1: The Oatery

    Anna Campbell has always had an affinity with porridge. Throughout university, she could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and still look forward to it. To Anna, porridge is a blank canvas that hasn’t been entirely explored yet.

    The idea for The Oatery sparked when she was traveling through Europe and a friend took her to a porridge café. Anna had an ‘aha’ moment and knew straight away that she wanted to bring the concept back to New Zealand.

    The Oatery follows the ethos that people shouldn't have to choose between nutrition vs flavour, which is why all of their products are refined sugar free, plant based and vegan friendly.

    Enjoy a nourishing bowl of porridge with your choice of a delicious range of toppings from Wellington’s most passionate porridge aficionado.


    Cold bowls:

    Apple Pie granola bowl $10
    Warmly spiced Granola, Baked Apple, Vanilla infused yoghurt, oat milk

    Turmeric & Apple Bircher (vegan) - $10
    Coconut milk soaked oats with turmeric, vanilla & warming spices, raisins, apple, toasted seeds, coconut yoghurt and ginger maple


    Baked plum with cashew cream - $10
    Oat milk oats, poached plum, warmly spiced granola, greek yoghurt, cashew cream

    Banana, cacao, coconut yoghurt - $10
    Oat milk oats, Hazelnut and cacao granola, banana, coconut yoghurt

    Carrot cake - $10
    Oat milk oats with carrot juice, coconut, pumpkin seeds, greek yoghurt, ginger maple

    Warmly Spiced Granola bag 400g - $12.50


    Monday to Sunday 8:00am - 1:00pm

    Here until Sunday 22nd April 2018.


    Pod 2: Garuda Food Truck

    A Wellington Night Market favourite, Garuda Food Truck is owned and managed by Indonesian-born WelTec Hospitality graduate, Burhan Bitju. The Garuda team will be bringing one of their most popular dishes to the pop-up food pods – Mie Goreng, a flavourful and spicy fried noodle dish common in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Choose your protein and spice level and enjoy this authentic dish in the lead-up to Wellington’s winter!


    Mie Goreng Chicken $12
    Mild or Spicy. Fried fresh noodles, kaffir lime chicken, vegetables, spices, sweet soya sauce and crunchy shallot.

    Mie Goreng Beef $12
    Mild or Spicy. Stir fried fresh noodles, beef rending, green vegetables, spices, sweet soya sauce and crunchy shallot.

    Mie Goreng Vegetarian $12
    Mild or Spicy. Stir fried fresh noodles, tempeh and tofu, green vegetables, spices, sweet soya sauce and crunchy shallot.

    Monday to Sunday – 11.00am - 3.00pm

    Here until Sunday 29th April 2018.

  • Country Trading Co. Supplier to Growers and Makers

    Based in Nelson, Country Trading Co. is a family business founded in 2008 by passionate foodie and gardener, Heather Cole. Their product range grew (literally) from the things Heather needed to live the good life, making cheese, preserving and growing food.

    Now well established as the supply store for growers and makers, Country Trading Co. products enable people to grow and make great food at home.

    Heather and the team develop recipes and design and source equipment and ingredients. Each product is carefully researched and tested in real gardens and kitchens to ensure it passes the “use it every day” test.

    Their new range of home dairy equipment and cultures even involved establishing a starter culture laboratory, affectionately known as the Culture Cupboard, where the team blend artisan live starter cultures for a range of dairy and non-dairy ferments.

    Passionate about good food and the environment, much of their product development has a sustainable and clean food focus. Some, like the stainless steel fermenting flask, is designed to help people remove regular plastic purchases from their weekly shop.

    Heather has noticed a continued increase in the awareness of food ingredients and origins over the last decade, driving more people to get in their gardens and kitchens and make real food at home.

    “Real food can be life-changing, and we get such a kick out of helping people reconnect with the basic acts of growing and making. When someone sends us a photo of their first Camembert we still all stop what we’re doing and admire it – it’s just wonderful.”

    To see the Country Trading Co. journey watch this short clip celebrating their first decade:

    The following Country Trading Co. products are available from Moore Wilson’s Kitchen & Homewares. Where the product is linked, it is also available online to delivery nationwide:

    Organic Cotton Cheesecloth
    This GOTS certified organic cotton cheesecloth is easy on the environment and the perfect weave for straining everything from jellies, curds or nut milk to bone broths.  Sourced with care from an organic farm and textile mill this reusable cloth comes in a 1.55m x 1.08m length packed in plastic-free card.

    Cheesemakers Foundation Pack
    If you are beginning your home dairy journey this pack has the foundation equipment you need. A dairy thermometer, organic cotton cheese cloth and pack of pH strips.  A Foundation Pack and one of the “How To Make” recipe books is the perfect gift for the curious foodie.

    Make Your Own Butter & Yogurt Kit
    Yogurt and butter are everyday grocery items in many homes. Making them at home opens up a world of possibilities. This kit includes quality equipment, ingredients, and recipes for making everything from cultured butter to spreadable butter, Greek yogurt, probiotic and flavoured yogurts.

    Make Your Own Camembert & Brie Kit
    Camembert & Brie are perfect introductory artisan cheeses to make at home. They require small quantities of milk and are fast to mature. This kit includes stainless steel hoops, French cheese paper, ingredients and an 82-page recipe book for many different white mould cheeses.

    Artisan Butter Paddles
    When you make butter at home, these wooden paddles help you work it into little balls or blocks without getting your warm hands involved.  (They are also great for rolling gnocchi).  Made from FSC accredited sustainable wood and packaged in a plastic-free box.

    Artisan Cheese Hoop
    Traditional, slow-draining, cheese hoops are perfect for making gravity pressed lactic curd cheeses such as Camembert and washed rind cheeses. Each stainless steel hoop comes with two flipping boards to assist with the even drainage.

    How to Make Butter & Yogurt
    Learn to make consistently fantastic yogurts and butter at home with this 82-page book. Includes recipes for cultured, spreadable and flavored butter and all yogurts from Greek to drinking, flavored and frozen.  Learn about milk, cultures, methods, and equipment for delicious dairy at home.

    How to Make Soft Cheese
    This 82-page book is like having a tutor in your kitchen, learn the secrets to making over a dozen artisan soft cheeses including recipes for mascarpone, crème Fraiche, cream cheese, cottage cheese, fromage blanc, wood smoked ricotta, paneer and more.

    How to Make Camembert & Brie
    Learn how to make, age and eat artisan white mould cheeses like Camembert and Brie. With over 20 different recipes and variations, small quantities of milk and short maturing times, this is a perfect introduction to artisan cheesemaking at home.

    Stainless Steel Fermenting Flask
    This 1-litre capacity flask includes a glass jar with stainless steel storage lid and full instructions on how to ferment dairy and non-dairy yogurts at home. It is also perfect for culturing butter and soft cheeses such as crème Fraiche and cream cheese.  A plastic-free product.

    Dairy Thermometer
    Temperature is important when culturing dairy products at home. This dairy thermometer comes complete with a cardboard tube to protect it’s calibration when it is rattling around in your kitchen drawer. A plastic-free product.

    Specialist Cheese Paper
    Cheese is a living thing, and these generous squares of French specialist cheese paper are engineered to let the cheese breath and the rind develop as the cheeses mature. Each pack contains 16 sheets of paper, 18 labels and sealing stickers (two extras for muck ups).

    Soft Cheese Baskets (set of 5)
    This set of 5 Italian Soft Cheese Baskets are designed to drain a range of soft cheeses like Ricotta, cottage cheese, crème Fraiche and quark. The set includes 3 round and 2 square baskets of different shapes and sizes to match to cover the most popular soft cheeses.

    Cheese Storage Box
    The refrigerator is not a friendly place for cheese. This cheese storage box lets you mature and store cheeses in the refrigerator in a humid environment with enough airflow to let the cheese breathe. The cheese box is an essential product for makers and lovers of good cheese.

    Natural Sea Salt
    This brining and pickling salt is an unprocessed raw salt, extracted by solar evaporation of sea water in Marlborough. It is free from anti-caking agents and iodine which makes it great for use in brines, cheeses, ferments, cures, and pickles. Because it is unprocessed, it retains high levels of minerals.

    Seed Saver Envelopes
    A perfect gift for growers! A pack of 20 envelopes for saving seeds with a guide to write where and when each seed was gathered. Each pack includes notes on heirloom seeds and how to save them. Plastic-free product made from recycled paper.


    Because they need to be kept chilled, Culture Cupboard products can be found in the freezer of Moore Wilson's Fresh:

    Culture Cupboard – Probiotic Yogurt Culture
    The Culture Cupboard® generous ten pack of probiotic yogurt culture contains four strains of lactic bacteria and probiotics to make fresh yogurt at home. Each pack makes 1-2 litres of thick, tangy yogurt, bursting with bugs.

    Culture Cupboard – Thick & Creamy Yogurt Culture
    The Culture Cupboard® ten pack of yogurt culture makes 1-2 litres (1-2 quarts) per pack of thick, creamy yogurt. This culture is the one for those who like a seriously thick, mildly flavoured yogurt. Perfect for smoothies, dips, cooking, kiddds and creamy breakfast pots.

    Culture Cupboard – Soft Cheese Culture
    The Culture Cupboard® five pack of Soft Cheese culture contains five sachets; each makes 4 liters of milk into a wide range of soft cheeses. A blend of four different culture strains for use in everything from Feta to Cream Cheese and Cultured Butter.

    Culture Cupboard – Vegetarian Rennet
    The Culture Cupboard® five pack of Vegetarian Rennet contains five sachets; each makes 6 litres (6 quarts) of milk into a wide range of soft and hard cheeses.  We use this rennet because it creates no bitterness in the finished cheese and it is also the rennet of choice for several of our favourite artisan cheesemakers.

  • Applebly Farms A2 Ice Cream

    Appleby Farms is a small collective of farmers who love ice cream and keeping it local. The farmers teamed up with an ice cream alchemist with the goal of creating the most taste-bombing ice cream the world has ever licked.

    These days, Appleby Farms creates luxurious experiences for Kiwi of ice cream lovers. Friends down the road help by supplying wonderful ingredients like ripe, plump boysenberries, freshly roasted coffee and craft chocolate.

    But more than that, they vowed to take the utmost care of the land, the cows and their people, by planting native trees, using water wisely, and supporting their neighbours.

    The A2 Difference

    • Whether a particular cow produces A1 or A2 is significant because certain amino acids influence the breakdown of food. When A1 beta-casein is broken down in the body, a protein fragment called 'beta-casomorphin-7' (BCM7) is created. BCM7 is thought to lead to a number of human ailments. It has, for example, been linked to Type 1 diabetes, heart disease, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and autism. While the link between BCM7 and these diseases is still controversial, it has been suggested that people with a susceptibility to certain diseases should avoid milk containing the Histidine amino acid (A1 or normal milk).
    • In A2 milk products, the troublesome amino acid Histidine in the protein is replaced by the amino acid Proline, and is broken down by the body differently so that no BCM7 is produced.
    • Milk intolerance is a different issue and caused by the inability to digest lactose leading to symptoms such as bloating and cramps. Consumers with milk intolerance have reported an increased ability to tolerate A2 milk products. This could be because of the absence of BCM7 which specifically causes intolerance in some people.
    • Appleby Farms herds are 100% A2 and that is not that common (there is a long conversion lead time to develop an A2 herd ~10+ years).

    Appleby Farms is a classic NZ pasture to plate story. No other ice cream manufacturer in this Category can say they own the paddocks, the cows, drive our milk to the creamery, craft it with care, and deliver this direct to market.

    Appleby Farms have produced some of the creamiest, most delicious ice creams we’ve had the pleasure of tasting with the added bonus of being more stomach-friendly for a lot of people than regular A1 cow milk ice cream.

    The first three flavours available in our Tory Street and Porirua Fresh Markets:

    • Bedford Vanilla Bean Vanilla Ice Cream
    • Doubleshot Ipanema Coffee Ice Cream
    • Bad Boys and Berries Boysenberry Ice Cream

    Coming soon:

    • Brown Eyed Girl Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream
  • Greek Wines

    The 1980s was not the best time for wine drinkers – for most of us there was not a huge choice, and imported wines especially were often the mass produced and lower-end of the spectrum.

    Some wine regions have struggled to shake off the reputations made for them, but in these more enlightened times, we know there is more to German wines than Piesporter and Black Tower, so much more to Sherry than flagons of Pale Cream, and so so much more to Greek wine than the Retsina you drank from a tap in the wall on your holiday in Corfu!

    Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, with evidence of winemaking dating back 6,500 years, and in Roman times wines from Greece were renowned for their quality.

    Despite the surge in popularity of wine in recent years, modern Greek wines are only just coming to the attention of the world’s wine drinkers, and those who are adventurous enough to give them a try will be rewarded with interesting wines made using varieties you’ve never heard of.

    We’ll be the first to admit we struggle to pronounce some of these names (especially after a glass or two) but don’t let that put you off – we’ve added pronunciation guides for each wine…

    Boutari Moschofilero  (mo-sko-feel-er-oh)

    A strong varietal aroma of flowers and citrus fruit on the nose and palate, with white rose and orange blossom prevailing. A fresh wine, full and balanced, with a long finish. In an effort to literally save the Moschofilero variety from extinction and in recognition of the enormous potential of this strongly aromatic variety, Boutari worked hard to produce their now famous Moschofilero.

    Boutari Agiorgitiko        (ah-jor-yee-tee-koh)

    Deep red, attractive colour and a rich aromatic bouquet, with a balance of red fruit aromas, like plum and the sweet notes of ageing, vanilla and cocoa. Rich, well-structured, balanced, with a velvety aftertaste. Similar in style to Merlot, but with slightly more spice.

    Cambas Mavrodaphnie Of Patras            (mav-roh-daf-nee)

    A remarkably affordable example of this famous sweet red wine from the hilly northwestern region of Achaia. Aromas of raisins, dark chocolate and cinnamon, with a rich textured palate and a long finish. Serve slightly chilled as an aperitif, or at the end of the meal with a decadent dessert.

    Retsina Cambas Karavaki  (ret-see-nah) - ideally in an Essex accent, for that authentic Brits-abroad Greek island holiday vibe…

    Ok ok, so we’ve done a lot of taking-the-mickey out of Retsina – but it is a specialty of Greece, a white wine infused with the sap of the Allepo pine tree. Aromas of linseed oil and lime peel that lead into flavors of apples and roses, with a subtle piney, saline finish. And as with all things, there are better examples. This Karavaki Retsina by Cambas is one of the lighter examples, with bright fruit aromas underpinned with the resinous pine backbone. Try with richer seafood such as octopus or shellfish.

    Eat The Food, Drink The Wine... As with many older wine regions, the best way to appreciate the wines of Greece is with the local cuisine. It makes sense really, as the style of the dishes and the style of the wine have evolved alongside each other over many centuries. Many Greek wines have an element of spice and rich aromatics, which perfectly balance the intensity of Greek foods. So grab some Kalamata olives, some quality feta and dig in!

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