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  • Burns Night Malt Whisky Tasting

    Burns Night is coming up on Saturday 25th January - a good excuse to recite Burns poetry, eat haggis and of course, drink Malt Whisky!

    We're celebrating Burns Night with a special tasting featuring:

    Deanston 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky | Highland
    With a smooth and creamy sweetness, sumptuous hints of fruit, malty honeyed spiciness and soft vanilla, this crisp 12 year old finishes with a satisfying tingle of cloves.

    Glen Grant 10 Year Old Single Malt | Speyside 
    Golden in colour with gentle flavours of butterscotch and orchard fruits, the Glen Grant 10 year old is easy on the palate and nose, and remains a tasty and reliable single malt. Ideal for those beginning their journey into the world of single malts.

    Finlaggan Eilan Mor Single Malt Scotch Whisky | Islay
    The 2015 release from Finlaggan, a brand of whisky from an undisclosed distillery in Islay. The Eilan Mor has been bottled at a higher strength than other Finlaggan releases (with the exception of cask strength), it is intense and highly peated with hints of spicy black pepper.

    Tory Street Wine, Beer & Spirits
    Saturday 25th January

    See you there!

  • Public Holiday Store Hours

    Wellington Anniversary

    Monday 20th January

    Store Opening hours

    Tory Street - 9am-5pm
    Chook Wagon - Closed
    Porirua - 9am-4pm
    Masterton - 10am-4pm
    Lower Hutt - Closed

    Waitangi Day

    Thursday 6th January

    Store Opening hours

    Tory Street - 9am-5pm
    Chook Wagon - 11am-5pm
    Porirua - 9am-4pm
    Masterton - 10am-4pm
    Lower Hutt - Closed

  • Sharing Boards

    Sharing boards are a simple, effective and delicious solution to feeding a crowd. Whether it’s as a starter to a meal, nibbles for drinks or a casual luncheon, you can tailor a board to suit any occasion.  Below are some tips and hints for creating great grazing boards:

    Pick a theme. Choosing a single theme or cuisine keeps the flavours cohesive. Remember to also factor in any dietary requirements that might dominate the group to make it easier to cater for everyone. When you have settled on a theme, think of different colours, flavours and textures to bring it together

    Serving. Choose a large board and, where necessary, bowls for dips, small jars to hold dressings or wide mouth ones to hold vege sticks or grissini.  Don’t forget to have appropriate side plates or napkins depending on the food and a range of wooden picks, forks or bamboo boats (all available from our Foodservice warehouse and Variety departments).  Keep in mind a place for left over toothpicks/olive stones or other rubbish to keep the area tidy.  Think about how things will be eaten - bite size works best so pre-cut any meats or veges to avoid people having tear things apart or double dip!

    Volume. Think about how long the platter needs to last, is it for a few hours or to be cleared away once finished?  You may need product to top up dips or components, this is easiest to be prepped and ready in an easy to serve format to top up the platter rather than removing it to re-dress. Think of extra dips in ready to serve bowls to switch in, drain any liquids in advance, pre-cut and store vege sticks etc. so you can stay with your guests.

    At Moore Wilson’s we have a huge range of ready to serve products to create your platters.   If you are having a large gathering or a few in short succession consider some of our bulk products in the Foodservice warehouse for even better value at the same quality as you will find in our Fresh Market.  We know how daunting it be to feed a crowd so following are some suggestions to get you started:

    Greek  Dolmades (rice stuffed vine leaves), fried Zany Zeus Halloumi, feta (marinated if you wish - dice, drizzle with olive oil, a few herbs and chilli flakes), The Olive Lady Chargrilled Capsicums, Olive Lady Olives, Elysian Taramasalata Dip, toasted Gianni Pita Bread.

    Middle Eastern Kaikoura Labne, hummus topped with olive oil and your favourite dukkah, Alamir Pita Bread, carrot sticks, falafel bites (buy premade or make your own from premix), tahini dressing/dip,  fresh dates, lamb seasoned with ras al hanout (either cubes of leg or small cutlets work well).

    Italian Sopressa salami, prosciutto wrapped rockmelon, D’amico Chargrilled Artichokes, fresh cherry tomatoes, Massimos Cherry Bocconcini, Genoese Basil Pesto Dip, sourdough bread, Grissini, Arancini Balls (available in the freezer premade from Italy), Pecorino Romano, Ghiotti Olives.

    Mexican Corn chips (choose a couple of different shapes/colours), fresh guacamole, Tio Pablo Salsa and Pepitas, Baron Corn Snacks, Mini tacos –  e.g. a tortilla with shredded chicken, iceberg lettuce and chilli and lime flavoured mayo, The Olive Lady Pickled Vegetables, fresh cherry tomatoes, chargrilled fresh corn (sliced into 2 cm pieces through the core).

    Vegetarian Cheese stuffed peppadews, Kaikoura Tartinade, Lisa’s Spinach Feta Dip, carrot and celery sticks, radish, blue cheese drizzled with honey, sliced baguette, Moore Wilson Roasted Almonds, Seed Crackers, stuffed olives, Aromatics Smoked Mushrooms.

    Seafood Regal Hot Smoked Salmon, marinated mussels, Wakelin House Aioli, The Smokehouse Salmon Pate, fresh cucumber spears, Crostini, Marcels Blini, zucchini sliced thin with lemon and dill, fresh oysters in season or mini whitebait fritters, individual shrimp cocktails work well in mini bamboo cups/boats. Decorate with plenty of fresh lemon wedges.

    Chacuterie Poaka Salami Stick sliced, biersticks, hot sopressa or chorizo, Woody’s Mortadella, L’Authentique Pate, rye bread (sliced and toasted), Meyer Aged or Smoked Gouda, Maison Therese Pickled Onions, Acme Bread and Butter Pickle, Zoe’s Beetroot Relish, Maille Grain Mustard.

    Dessert Fresh berries, dates, grapes, pineapple,  MW Dried Pears, squares of your favourite chocolate, Hogarth Marshmallows, Clareville Ginger biscuits, Levantine Choc Ginger Dates, Bohemein Truffles, Pure Wei Macarons.

    Image: Taco platter from Beautiful Boards: 50 Amazing Snack Boards for Any Occasion by Maegan Brown. Copies available from Moore Wilson's Wellington Books for Cooks.

  • Aperol Spritz

    This month we're taking you to Italy in summer with a classic Aperol Spritz! Aperol aromatic aperitif has a unique flavour and colour achieved through a subtle blend of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and an array of herbs and roots - an unchanged secret recipe since 1919.

  • Moore Wilson's Pop-Up Food Pods

    Joining the Chook Wagon and Miki Sushi, Pop-up Food Pods are the latest addition to our takeaway food offering! 

    Located in the Piazza at Moore Wilson's College Street, Food Pods provide a chance for local artisans to 'pop-up' for a limited time and share their take on street food direct to the Wellington public. Here's what's on right now:

    La Boca Loca

    While they don't have a premises right now you can still enjoy La Boca Loca's delicious food when they visit the Moore Wilson's Pop-Up Food Pods! Remember, their sister restaurant Boquita is also open on Kent Terrace.


    Tacos $6 each, two for $10 - Soft corn tortilla, choice of topping, with slaw & salsa

    Burritos $12 - Wheat Flour Tortilla Wrap, choice of topping, with beans, rice, cheese, salsa, slaw

    Nachos $12 - Corn Tortilla Chips, choice of topping, with beans, cheese & salsa

    Toppings, Beef Brisket, Roasted Chicken, or Mixed Veggies

    Breakfast Burrito $10

    Here Monday 13th to Sunday 26th January, 11am-2pm daily (or until sold out).

    K&K Cambodian Food Caravan

    Usually found in the Wellington Nigh Market on Cuba St, K&K Cambodian Food Caravan always serves up authentic dishes only using the freshest ingredients.


    Chicken & Beef Skewers
    1 for $4 or 3 for $10

    Beef baguette $10
    Toasted baguette with marinated beef, pickled carrot salad, and sauce 

    Chicken baguette $10
    Toasted baguette with marinated chicken, pickled carrot salad, and sauce

    Lot cha $12
    Stir fried noodles with vegetable and egg. Choose from beef, chicken or vegetarian. Served with homemade fish sauce.

    Bay cha $12
    Stir fried rice with vegetables and egg. Choose from beef or chicken.

    Here Monday 13th to Sunday 19th January, 10am-2pm daily (or until sold out).

  • Sweet Vanilla Kitchen's Ginger Custard Creams

    Recipe shared by Cheryl McIvor for Moore Wilson's 2020 Calendar.

    Sweet Vanilla Kitchen
    49 Pretoria Street
    Lower Hutt


  • Pandoro's Tiramisu Cake

    Recipe shared by Tony Beazley for Moore Wilson's 2020 Calendar.

    Pandoro Panetteria 
    3 Wellington locations: Allen St, Woodward St, and Willis St. A range of Pandoro bread, cakes, and baked goods available from Moore Wilson's Fresh.


  • Wedding Essentials

    Wedding Gifts and Exchanges

    They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and in our Kitchen & Homeware Departments you’ll find premium cookware, small appliances, crockery, glassware, cutlery, kitchenware, cookbooks, and more. We’ve also got a great range of manchester, bathroom accessories, luggage and giftware.

    Our philosophy is to stock quality brands and products and offer them to our customers at everyday low prices. This means you and your guests can be sure you’re getting the very best value.

    Cheese Wedding Cakes

    Cheese Cakes (cakes made with rounds of cheese) have become extremely popular and the cheese experts in our Tory Street Fresh Market can help you plan a beautiful cake using rounds of quality New Zealand and imported cheese. Cheese cakes can be an alternative to the classic wedding cake or enjoyed after the meal – either way they make a unique feature for your celebration!

    Wine, Beer & Spirits

    For all those toasts on and around your special day! Our Tory Street, Porirua and Masterton Wine, Beer & Spirits Departments stock a wide range from Champagnes to great value wines and beers to suit any budget. Our staff will also be happy to help with recommendations and advise on what quantities you'd need for your special event. You can also ask our staff about our sale or return policy for functions.

    To find out more about any of the above services please visit us in-store.

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