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  • COVID-19: Opening Hours and Store Information


    To our loyal customers,

    As you are aware, New Zealand is on Alert Level 3 and moving to Alert Level 4. To enable our continued services we have put a few measures in place, including reduced opening hours and restricting customer numbers in our stores.

    We will remain open
    Moore Wilson’s is open. Grocery and Fresh are essential services and will remain open. We have reduced our hours until further notice. Each store has its own opening hours. Please see the Locations & Hours page for our stores opening hours.

    Please follow safety protocols
    Please comply with all safety measures for distancing and follow all signage and staff direction to ensure all protocols are adhered to.

    • Two metre separation between yourself and others
    • We are restricting the number of customers in store
    • To minimise numbers in store, please shop alone if possible
    • Space indicators on the floor to keep safe distances
    • Please respect staff requests to move to allow distancing

    If you are unwell and/or are in the 14 day self-isolation period please do not enter our stores

    All Wine Beer and Spirit stores are closed. Wine and beer are available in Tory Fresh and Porirua and Masterton Grocery.

    All takeaway food pods, Chook Wagon and O’Sushi are closed.

    All coffee bars are closed except for grinding beans.

    Our online store is temporarily suspended while we focus on getting food and essentials to our customers in store.

    Stock Availability
    New stock is coming in daily. Each day we are getting deliveries for fruit, vegetables, bread, coffee, meat and dairy, as well as other grocery needs. Please only buy what you need to ensure everyone has fair access to their grocery essentials.

    We thank you for your ongoing support and we encourage everyone to be kind and considerate during these challenging times.

    Last but by no means least, a huge Thank You to all our staff serving in store and  working behind the scenes. Without our dedicated and passionate team we could not operate. Please be kind and respectful to them whilst you are in our stores.

    We have serviced Wellington with food for over 100 years and plan to continue to do so as we navigate through this period.

    Stay safe,
    Graeme and Julie Moore

  • Miss Fortune's Warm Apple & Cinnamon Donuts

    Recipe shared by Freya Atkinson & Becky Guppy for Moore Wilson's 2020 Calendar.

    Miss Fortune's 
    105 Hutt Park Road, Seaview
    Find them on Facebook



  • Coastal Spring Lamb

    Richard and Suze Redmayne founded Coastal Spring Lamb in 2010.

    Coastal Spring Lamb’s unique point of difference is its coastal provenance, which produces succulent and tender lamb that is ‘naturally seasoned by the sea’.

    Since 2010, 17 inter-generational farming families have joined the Coastal Spring Lamb family and together they now supply their lambs to specialist food stores, supermarkets and restaurants throughout New Zealand and Asia.

    The lambs are all raised on family farms located on the East and West coasts of the North Island, where the salt-laden coastal winds from the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean continually dust their herb-filled pastures.

    All of the Coastal Spring lamb farming families share a passion for their environment and for raising happy and healthy lambs - with no chemicals, no antibiotics and no hormones.

    You can meet the Coastal Spring Lamb families and learn more about them and their farms by visiting the Coastal Spring lamb website at

    The website also provides some helpful cooking tips and great recipes.

    The business prides itself on their genuine paddock to plate offering and the relationships they have developed with their customers.

    Richard is always keen to answer any questions you may have so feel free to get in touch – his details are on the website.

    Coastal Spring Lamb - Naturally seasoned by the sea.  Taste the difference!

  • Easter and Anzac Holiday Hours

    Easter and Anzac Holiday Hours


    Tory Street – Fresh Market and Grocery 

    Good Friday 10th April - Closed

    Saturday 11th April - Open 9.00am - 5.00pm

    Easter Sunday 12th April - Closed

    Easter Monday 13th April - Closed

    14th - 24th April: Open 9.00am-5.00pm

    Anzac Day Saturday 25th April - Closed

    Sunday 26th April - Open 9.00am-5.00pm

    Anzac Observed Monday 27th April - Closed

    Variety, Toys and Wine, Beer & Spirits CLOSED


    Porirua – Fresh Market and Grocery 

    Good Friday 10th April - Closed

    Saturday 11th April - Open 9.00am - 4.00pm

    Easter Sunday 12th April - Closed

    Easter Monday 13th April - Closed

    14th - 24th April: Open 9.00am - 4.00pm

    Anzac Day Saturday 25th April - Closed

    Sunday 26th April - Closed

    Anzac Observed Monday 27th April - Closed

    Variety, Toys and Wine, Beer & Spirits CLOSED


    Masterton – Fresh Market and Grocery 

    Good Friday 10th April - Closed

    Saturday 11th April - Open 9.00am - 4.00pm

    Easter Sunday 12th April - Closed

    Easter Monday 13th April - Closed

    14th - 24th April: Open 9.00am - 4.00pm

    Anzac Day Saturday 25th April - Closed

    Sunday 26th April - Closed

    Anzac Observed Monday 27th April - Closed

    Wine, Beer & Spirits CLOSED


    Lower Hutt

    Good Friday 10th April - Closed

    Saturday 11th April - Closed

    Easter Sunday 12th April - Closed

    Easter Monday 13th April - Closed

    14th - 24th April: Open 9.00am - 4.00pm

    Anzac Day Saturday 25th April - Closed

    Sunday 26th April - Closed

    Anzac Observed Monday 27th April - Closed

  • Preserving

    Preserving is a great way to enjoy the season’s best flavours at any time of the year. Pick what’s in ample supply (e.g. berries and stonefruit in Summer, pears in Winter) and preserve to enjoy year round.

    The aim of preserving is to slow down the activity of microorganisms and enzymes or destroy them altogether. Here’s a few common methods of preserving:

    Freezing - the colder the food, the slower the rate of deterioration. Freezing only slows down enzyme activity so vegetables must be blanched in boiling water first.

    Heat - boiling or blanching at high temperatures destroys enzyme activity and almost all microorganisms. Boiled preserves must be sealed in airless conditions to prolong their shelf life.

    Strong Concentrations - alcohol, acid, salt and sugar in high concentrations either prevent or destroy microorganisms. The method used will depend on what you’re preserving.

    Essential Equipment
    - Small ladle for potting all types of preserves.
    - Slotted spoon for poaching and skimming
    - Wooden spoon for stirring
    - Tongs for removing items when heat processing
    - Jam/sugar thermometer for accurate temperature taking
    - Hydrometer - useful for brewing to measure the alcohol content
    - Wide mouth funnel for potting up preserves
    - Long spouted funnel for bottling drinks and sauces
    - Cheesecloth for filtering and straining liquids
    - Jelly bag for straining fruit pulp
    - Muslin cloth for straining, wrapping meats or making spice bags
    - Food processor to save time and effort when mixing, blitzing, mashing or pulping
    - Large plastic container with drip tray for brining and curing meats
    - Stainless steel preserving pan— a specialist, non-reactive, heavy based pan for rapid boiling.

    The right container can make all the difference when preserving. Containers must always be in good condition and steralised before use.

    - Clear glass bottle - used with an airtight cork these are perfect for wine, cider and cordials
    (alternatively use a swing stopper bottle)
    - Ice cube box for freezing small portions of herbs
    - Plastic freezer containers for freezing jams, fruit, vegetables, purees and sauces.
    - Jam jars for storing jams, chutneys, jellies etc. A new lid or waxed disc is essential every time.
    - Corks for stopping home brews.
    - Ramekin dish for potting up meat and fish or butter, cheese and jellies.
    - Specialist preserving jars - heat resistant, with non-corrosive lids and replaceable seals.

    - Salt - draws out the moisture in food. Can be used for preserving vegetables, meat and fish.
    - Sugar - just as effective as salt when used in high concentrations (60% +). Mostly used to preserve fruit or used with vinegar to preserve fruit and vegetable mixes such as chutneys.
    - Fats - not a preserving agent but used to protect some preserved foods by forming a protective  seal.
    - Vinegars - prevents the growth of microorganisms. Mostly used to preserve vegetables as  pickles, relishes and sauces.
    - Lemons - used when making jams. Adding lemon draws out the pectin, helping the mixture set.
    - Spices and flavourings - enhances flavour of preserves and can even actively help the  preserving process.

    Check out our selection of preserving books, tools and equipment available online for delivery nationwide or visit our Variety Departments for the full range.

    Featured image: Apricot Tangelo Marmalata from Rowan Bishop 'With Relish'. Photograph by Carolyn Robertson.

  • Sharing Boards

    Sharing boards are a simple, effective and delicious solution to feeding a crowd. Whether it’s as a starter to a meal, nibbles for drinks or a casual luncheon, you can tailor a board to suit any occasion.  Below are some tips and hints for creating great grazing boards:

    Pick a theme. Choosing a single theme or cuisine keeps the flavours cohesive. Remember to also factor in any dietary requirements that might dominate the group to make it easier to cater for everyone. When you have settled on a theme, think of different colours, flavours and textures to bring it together

    Serving. Choose a large board and, where necessary, bowls for dips, small jars to hold dressings or wide mouth ones to hold vege sticks or grissini.  Don’t forget to have appropriate side plates or napkins depending on the food and a range of wooden picks, forks or bamboo boats (all available from our Foodservice warehouse and Variety departments).  Keep in mind a place for left over toothpicks/olive stones or other rubbish to keep the area tidy.  Think about how things will be eaten - bite size works best so pre-cut any meats or veges to avoid people having tear things apart or double dip!

    Volume. Think about how long the platter needs to last, is it for a few hours or to be cleared away once finished?  You may need product to top up dips or components, this is easiest to be prepped and ready in an easy to serve format to top up the platter rather than removing it to re-dress. Think of extra dips in ready to serve bowls to switch in, drain any liquids in advance, pre-cut and store vege sticks etc. so you can stay with your guests.

    At Moore Wilson’s we have a huge range of ready to serve products to create your platters.   If you are having a large gathering or a few in short succession consider some of our bulk products in the Foodservice warehouse for even better value at the same quality as you will find in our Fresh Market.  We know how daunting it be to feed a crowd so following are some suggestions to get you started:

    Greek  Dolmades (rice stuffed vine leaves), fried Zany Zeus Halloumi, feta (marinated if you wish - dice, drizzle with olive oil, a few herbs and chilli flakes), The Olive Lady Chargrilled Capsicums, Olive Lady Olives, Elysian Taramasalata Dip, toasted Gianni Pita Bread.

    Middle Eastern Kaikoura Labne, hummus topped with olive oil and your favourite dukkah, Alamir Pita Bread, carrot sticks, falafel bites (buy premade or make your own from premix), tahini dressing/dip,  fresh dates, lamb seasoned with ras al hanout (either cubes of leg or small cutlets work well).

    Italian Sopressa salami, prosciutto wrapped rockmelon, D’amico Chargrilled Artichokes, fresh cherry tomatoes, Massimos Cherry Bocconcini, Genoese Basil Pesto Dip, sourdough bread, Grissini, Arancini Balls (available in the freezer premade from Italy), Pecorino Romano, Ghiotti Olives.

    Mexican Corn chips (choose a couple of different shapes/colours), fresh guacamole, Tio Pablo Salsa and Pepitas, Baron Corn Snacks, Mini tacos –  e.g. a tortilla with shredded chicken, iceberg lettuce and chilli and lime flavoured mayo, The Olive Lady Pickled Vegetables, fresh cherry tomatoes, chargrilled fresh corn (sliced into 2 cm pieces through the core).

    Vegetarian Cheese stuffed peppadews, Kaikoura Tartinade, Lisa’s Spinach Feta Dip, carrot and celery sticks, radish, blue cheese drizzled with honey, sliced baguette, Moore Wilson Roasted Almonds, Seed Crackers, stuffed olives, Aromatics Smoked Mushrooms.

    Seafood Regal Hot Smoked Salmon, marinated mussels, Wakelin House Aioli, The Smokehouse Salmon Pate, fresh cucumber spears, Crostini, Marcels Blini, zucchini sliced thin with lemon and dill, fresh oysters in season or mini whitebait fritters, individual shrimp cocktails work well in mini bamboo cups/boats. Decorate with plenty of fresh lemon wedges.

    Chacuterie Poaka Salami Stick sliced, biersticks, hot sopressa or chorizo, Woody’s Mortadella, L’Authentique Pate, rye bread (sliced and toasted), Meyer Aged or Smoked Gouda, Maison Therese Pickled Onions, Acme Bread and Butter Pickle, Zoe’s Beetroot Relish, Maille Grain Mustard.

    Dessert Fresh berries, dates, grapes, pineapple,  MW Dried Pears, squares of your favourite chocolate, Hogarth Marshmallows, Clareville Ginger biscuits, Levantine Choc Ginger Dates, Bohemein Truffles, Pure Wei Macarons.

    Image: Taco platter from Beautiful Boards: 50 Amazing Snack Boards for Any Occasion by Maegan Brown. Copies available from Moore Wilson's Wellington Books for Cooks.

  • Aperol Spritz

    This month we're taking you to Italy in summer with a classic Aperol Spritz! Aperol aromatic aperitif has a unique flavour and colour achieved through a subtle blend of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and an array of herbs and roots - an unchanged secret recipe since 1919.

  • Sweet Vanilla Kitchen's Ginger Custard Creams

    Recipe shared by Cheryl McIvor for Moore Wilson's 2020 Calendar.

    Sweet Vanilla Kitchen
    49 Pretoria Street
    Lower Hutt


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