Clearwater frozen Langoustines available instore now. Wild-caught from the cold, clear waters surrounding United Kingdom, Clearwater Langoustines (Nephrops norvegicus) are prized for their delicate flesh and sweet, succulent taste. Slim, with vibrant orange-pink shells, Langoustines uniquely retain their original colour when cooked.


How to cook Langoustines: 

Known for their culinary diversity, Langoustines are ideal in a variety of Asian and Western applications.

Thaw: To defrost, place sealed tray in the refrigerator for 4-24 hours

Cook: The most basic method for cooking langoustines is to simply boil them up and peel at the table. Steam whole for approximately 3 minutes, boil whole for 2 minutes, make sure you salt the water. You can tell if they’re ready, by checking the underside of the tail; when cooked the flesh will have turned white as opposed to translucent.

Serve with some mayonnaise for dipping, lemon wedges and some salt - YUM!

To grill or sauté: Simply split in half length-wise and grill on an extremely hot grill for approximately 2 minutes or sauté in wok or pan for approximately 2 minutes. Finish with a bit of garlic or lemon butter.
Cook until meat is firm, white and opaque.