Strawberries in Winter? Introducing 26 Season Strawberries. The perfect winter strawberries, locally grown in Foxton in 26 Season's indoor vertical farm.

Steven and Matthew are agri-industry innovators whose interest in hydroponics and indoor vertical farming led to the creation of 3 of New Zealand's first vertical indoor farms, growing and selling strawberries and microgreens. Their mission has always been to redefine the way we grow fresh produce locally. Starting as an idea with microgreens in a garage back in 2017, they wanted to challenge the status quo of the Agri industry, and by producing indoors, we've managed to do just that, growing great-tasting fresh berries out of season. For a Vitamin C boost this winter, try these super sweet, juicy, pesticide-free, delicious strawberries from 26 Seasons!

Find 26 Seasons strawberries at our Tory Street Fresh Market, Porirua and Masterton stores.