The wonderful writer and cartoonist Tom Scott once wrote, "if the Buena Vista Social Club and a Mississippi Paddle steamer ever had children it would look like the Havana Coffee Works Factory! Their glorious avocado coloured building on upper Tory St is at the heart of Wellingtons love affair with coffee. This building is where the creative caffeine visionary company roasts its potions for the people today."

Havana Coffee Works was established in 1989 in Cuba St, driven by a desire to roast coffee better and cleaner than what was then available. Pioneering their own hot air roaster designs that were electric and not gas, Havana Coffee quickly got its own following of loyal caffeine addicts and co-founder Geoff Marsland gave their coffee the slogan COFFEEUFEEL.

Now over 30 years on, Havana Coffee Works is still Wellingtons loveable wild child and a nationally known brand roasting delicious coffees with clean hot air. In 2017 they made the bold move to roast on the world’s most environmentally sustainable hot air Loring Roaster. Always a trailblazer in the industry, since the beginning they have used biodegradable and compostable packaging wherever possible and they ensure social inequalities are addressed through the business practices of Fairtrade and their own brand REALTRADE.

Havana’s Real Trade relationships are strong and long standing. They make sure the people who grow their coffee get a bigger share of the price paid. This includes regular visits to origin, ongoing mentoring and pre-financing growers during the harvest. Havana’s Real Trade relationships pay premium prices in recognition of the coffee growers and the importance of the coffee industry to the many struggling economies where coffee is grown. Real Trade prices paid are over and beyond Fairtrade.

Havana has close relationships with both their growers and customers. The new generation of coffee drinkers want to know where their coffee comes from and the Havana Coffee Works factory has an open door policy to show the magic in what they do. As well as their sustainability and education practices they also have a fun and creative culture for their staff to work in.

Havana Coffee Works roasts with love around 12 different origins and has created 7 of their own unique blends. You can buy 4 of their blends and their straight Cuban origin at Moore Wilson's in both retail and food service packs, which can be ground to order in Moore Wilson's Fresh. Havana Coffee is very popular and is one of the brands available for customers to enjoy in a barista made coffee in the Fresh area.

Moore Wilson's has a range of delicious Havana Coffees to take home.