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  • Supplier Profile: Pohutukawa Pantry

    Pohutukawa Pantry

    Pōhutukawa Pantry is an artisan baking company founded on the belief that Christmas is a special holiday to be savoured, when family and friends come together to share delicious cuisine, enjoy timeless traditions and wish good health and fortune for each other.

    Their vision is for Christmas to be how it was, when life was less complicated. When enjoying a Kiwi family Christmas was simple and fun – a festive feast followed by games of cricket on the beach or a snooze in the sun.

    Pōhutukawa Pantry Christmas baked goods reflect those same values of tradition and quality.

    Their products are made with time and care, using high quality and mainly local ingredients. Drawn from recipes shared over four generations, their products can’t be rushed. They use a careful process of slow maturing that holds in moisture, enhances spices and aromas and delivers the rich intense flavours that sing of Christmas. Pōhutukawa Pantry Christmas baked goods are made for sharing and giving.

    Here at Moore Wilson's we have a range of cakes available, including Traditional, Gluten Free, Vegan, Mini Cakes and Cathedral cake.

  • Supplier Profile: Kitchen Six

    Kitchen Six

    Kitchen Six Christmas puddings are made with a traditional family recipe that has been tweaked a little to get as much of the Hawkes Bay in there as they can. Living next to an orange farm on the coast has influenced the recipe and there is a heavy element of citrus in there – this lifts the pudding and makes it super moist. It also makes it quite unique without taking it very far from the traditional.

    They’re made batch by batch in a small commercial kitchen in Onekawa, Napier.

    The puddings are vine-fruit rich and steeped in brandy and stout made in the Hawkes Bay.

    They amazingly moist and light but somehow dense at the same time, not overly sweet and simply bursting with the flavour from just the right mix of spices and  the perfect amount of ‘booziness’ to it.

    Moore Wilson's stock various sizes of Kitchen Six Christmas puddings.

  • Supplier Profile: Canter Valley Turkeys

    Canter Valley Turkeys

    Canter Valley began back in 1987, and is located near Sefton in beautiful North Canterbury. We are a family owned business, striving to be environmentally conscious. Sustainable poultry welfare management practices, with care and consideration for the highest level of animal welfare are paramount. We focus on the best quality product at every stage of production. The quality focus, consistent portion control, product presentation, and customer service are what set Canter Valley apart.

    Canter Valley breeds, hatches, grows and processes its Turkeys in North Canterbury.

    The big breasted large white Turkey consistently produces up to 35% breast meat and having absolutely no additives gives the consumer exceptional value for money. Canter Valley makes the welfare of its Turkeys a priority and maintains the highest level of farming practices.

    Canter Valley grows free-range Turkeys, and hold a certification for its animal welfare practices around free-range practices. We are certified by FREPNZ. (Free Range Egg and Poultry New Zealand). Free-range Turkeys have access to paddocks outside during the day (weather permitting) and are free to roam, scratch and peck around. At night Turkeys are moved back into the sheds to prevent exposure to adverse weather conditions and protection from predators.

    Fed a grain formula to supplement their natural diet, free-range Turkeys are not given any hormones or steroids and all feed is formulated to meet strict FREPNZ standards.

    Moore Wilson's stock Canter Valley frozen turkey year round and fresh whole turkeys for Christmas only. We also stock fresh turkey breast throughout the year.

    This year our scheduled delivery days for fresh turkeys are Friday 18th December and Monday 21st December, subject to freight!

    Fresh turkeys arrive with a 10 day chilled shelf life if kept at 4 degrees C or less.

    Turkey will be available in sizes 4-10kg. No orders taken, first in first served.


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