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  • Knife Sharpening with Edge Revival

    Bring your blunt kitchen knives along (wrapped in a teatowel) and have them brought back to life by Edge Revival while you have a coffee and do your weekly shop!

    Upcoming Dates:
    - Monday 13th February, 11am-12pm
    - Monday 6th March, 11am-12pm
    - Monday 3rd April, 11am-12pm
    - Monday 1st May, 11am-12pm
    - Monday 12th June, 11am-12pm

    Where: Moore Wilson's College Street Fresh Market

    Price: $10 per knife or $9 per knife for 4 or more.
    Scissor sharpening $16 each.

    Waiting times may vary depending on demand.

    Edge Revival reserves the right to decline to sharpen a knife or scissors if it is not considered practical to sharpen. In this event a full refund will be given.

    Dates for the second half of the year will be advised in due course.

  • Moore Wilson's Pop-Up Food Pods

    Joining the Chook Wagon and Miki Sushi, Pop-up Food Pods are the latest addition to our takeaway food offering! 

    Located in the Piazza at Moore Wilson's College Street, Food Pods provide a chance for local artisans to 'pop-up' for a limited time and share their take on street food direct to the Wellington public. Here's what's on right now:

    Pod 1: Smoothie Operator

    New to the Wellington food scene, Smoothie Operator are bringing healthy breakfast and snack options to the masses.

    Stop by the Moore Wilson’s Tory Street Pop-Up Food Pods this week for a quick and tasty breakfast on the go or grab a smoothie (dairy free available) for your afternoon pick-me-up. All item can be pimped with a range of extras including ground chia, dutch cocoa, turmeric, psyllium and almond milk.

    Caring not only for your health, Smoothie Operator are doing their bit for the environment too – using 100% biodegradable and compostable cups and lids.



    $7 each or $12 for 2 of the same flavour

    View full list of flavours here.

    Breakfast & Snacks

    Crunchy Granola Sweet Cup $7

    Fresh Fruit Salad Cup $2.50

    Chia Le Buff $6
    Chia seeds soaked in coconut cream with vanilla, cinnamon, fresh fruit and toasted nuts

    Smack yer bircher cup $6
    Soaked oats, chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk, grated apple and raw apple juice topped with fresh fruit and toasted nuts

    Smoothie Operator Bowl $7.00
    Smoothie served in a bowl with delicious toppings

    Bliss Balls $2.50 for 2

    Paleo no faileo $7
    Pete’s recipe for chia and coconut custard (has FR egg) topped with berries and activated toasted nuts


    Monday to Sunday 7.30am-3pm

     Here until Sunday 22nd January 2017. Menu and hours subject to availability. 

    Pod 2: Mao & Co

    Inspired by the amazing night food markets around Asia, Mao & Co owners Drew and Tom are bringing delicious handmade dumplings and noodles to Wellington. Both experienced chefs, Drew and Tom share a love and passion for good quality, reasonably priced Asian-fusion cuisine.

    Mao the Cat, their logo, is based on the Japanese Cat, "Maneki - Neko", a symbol of good luck and fortune.

    Mao and Co’s dumplings are made with the freshest seasonal produce. Their handmade pastry is coloured with 100% pure vegetable juice! Dumplings are served poached and without the oil (a healthier alternative to frying) and loaded with flavour.


    Handmade Dumplings  8  for $10  or  12  for  $14
    Tofu, spinach & shiitake mushroom
    Prawn, fish & water chestnut
    Pork, chinese cabbage & fennel
    Lamb, green leek & cumin
    Beef, red onion & black pepper

    Handmade Noodles
    Tofu, asian veges & pickles  $8
    Seafood, squid ink & chili  $12
    Soy chicken, sesame & satay  $10
    Beef, sichuan pepper & bok choy  $10

    Mao’s Hangry Combos
    Noodle bowl & 4 dumplings  $14
    Seafood noodle bowl & 4 dumplings  $16

    Lychee jelly, mint & strawberries  $4
    Mango pudding, sago & coconut  $4


    Monday to Friday - 11.00am to 3.00pm
    Saturday and Sunday - 10.00am - 4.00pm

    Here until Sunday 22nd January 2017. 
    Menu and hours subject to availability. 

  • LEGO, Sylvanian Families and Playmobil Clubs

    Using your Moore Wilson's Card is the key to our three exclusive toy clubs! 

    At Moore Wilson's Toys we like to reward our regular buyers of LEGO, Sylvanian Families and Playmobil.

    For every $100 you spend on each of the above brands, using your Moore Wilson's Card, we'll send you a $5 voucher to say thanks, along with news on the latest releases.

    The voucher can be redeemed in-store on your next purchase of LEGO, Sylvanian Families or Playmobil.

    Please note - online purchases can earn vouchers, however vouchers can only be redeemed

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