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  • Supplier Profile: Mahi Wines

    Mahi Wines

    The Mahi winery is nestled into the escarpment that goes down a decent length of the Wairau Valley in Marlborough, with two caves going back into the earth to keep the barrels and winery cool.

    Started in 2001 by Brian and Nicola Bicknell after they had made wine in various countries the idea was to show the diversity and depth of Marlborough by combining traditional hands-off winemaking techniques with some special vineyards.

    Using a lot of hand-picking, whole cluster pressing, seasoned French barrels and natural yeast ferments the aim is to mess with the wines as little as possible so that the vineyards are the heroes.

    An example would be the Mahi Chardonnay in which all the fruit from three vineyards is hand-picked before going over the sorting table at the winery. The whole bunches are then put into the press so that the juice does not sit with the skins and this juice goes straight to barrel with high solids, they do not let the juice settle. It is then left to sit and after about eight days the natural yeast from the vineyard do the ferment, adding depth, complexity and texture to the wine. After 11 months the wine is carefully blended and as it has been handled so gently no protein finings are used, so all of their whites are suitable for vegans. The wines are held for six months in bottle so that they are integrated and ready to drink on release.

    The Sauvignon Blanc is complex with a small amount of Semillon, 39% wild yeast, 20% barrel and it rests for nine months on yeast lees, again adding texture and length. Made with love it is totally dry and vegan friendly, a Sauvignon with character.

    Very much a family company with Max, Nicola and Brian’s son, returning soon after Covid hit from a winery in New York to help in the winery and the markets.

  • Supplier Profile: Lewis Farms

    Lewis Farms

    Lewis Farms strawberries are grown lovingly in the Horowhenua by Cam and Catherine Lewis. Bounded by the mighty Tararua Ranges to the east and the Tasman Sea to the west, the location of Lewis Farms and the corresponding temperate climate is what sets their produce apart from the rest.

    They grow their strawberries in poly-tunnels utilising hydroponic technology, this provides an extended growing season from September to  May – with a small amount into the Winter months. They pick their strawberries daily to ensure they are perfectly ripe with superior flavour.

    Their strawberries have a very sweet and intense flavour profile. They grow varieties specifically suited for tunnels and use a carefully tailored fertiliser and organic seaweed programme designed to give the plants precisely what they require for fruiting.

    Lewis Farms is also the home of Tendertips Asparagus, which is sold in Moore Wilson's Fresh Markets when in season.

    You will find Lewis Farms strawberries in all Fresh Markets.

  • Supplier Profile: Woodhaven Gardens

    Woodhaven Gardens

    Woodhaven Gardens is a family run commercial growing operation located on the fertile plains of the Horowhenua Region in New Zealand. We have production in excess of 1800 acres, producing and distributing both nationally and internationally. Woodhaven is recognised as one of the leaders in the industry.

    In 1978 father and son, Eric & John Clarke, established Woodhaven Gardens in an attempt to create a lifestyle that would derive a small income while allowing them the freedom to care for John’s mother who had Multiple Sclerosis. This lifestyle choice soon became an unquestionable passion for producing the best produce possible.

    Since its inception Woodhaven has witnessed many industry based changes from the cessation of the auction system, to the introduction of quality assurance programs such as New Zealand Gap. Their growing practices have also changed dramatically. Many a night in summer was spent hand watering plants from a trailer mounted tank, now they irrigate via automated irrigation systems. Planting was all done by hand but is now done via cell transplanting, there has also been major advances in integrated pest management and how crops are produced allowing us to achieve healthier products and more sustainable production.

    One of the keys to the farm’s success has been the ability to adapt and in some cases pre-empt these changes. 42 years on Woodhaven Gardens is still very much a family owned and operated business, with John’s daughter Emma being involved in the day to day running, and son Jay leading special projects. Woodhaven Gardens has a strong sense of its own history, but with an even stronger focus on the future.

    You can find various products grown by Woodhaven at Moore Wilson's Fresh Market, including lettuce, spinach, silverbeet, celery and radish.

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