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  • Supplier Profile: NOLA Candles

    NŌLA Candles are brand of natural , plant-based, soy wax candles made in the Wairarapa. They are a collection of hand-crafted artisan candles; unique enough to intrigue and yet familiar enough to feel like home.

    NŌLA was founded by Olivia Trilford during her pregnancy with her twin daughters, Isla & Noah. Olivia launched NŌLA Candles a month before her daughters were born and the brand has grown along beside them.

    Due to being pregnant while perfecting the recipes of her candles, Olivia committed to consciously sourcing ingredients that would burn safely and cleanly in peoples homes (and also around young ones).

    NŌLA Candles are made with a natural plant based soy wax, free from paraffin, GMO and unnatural additives which not only results in a clean burning candles, but an environmentally friendly choice as well. NŌLA Candles work exclusively with phthalate-free formulated oils & all of their ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free.

    Olivia believes lighting a candle is a ritualistic way to end a stressful day and create a relaxing safe space. NŌLA Candles aim to offer this ambience from their small, local and ethical business.

    Beyond their low waste initiatives and environmental focus in their workshop, NŌLA Candles make a great effort to offset their carbon emissions. They have chosen to do so because there unavoidable costs of Earth that many businesses refuse to acknowledge. NŌLA Candles offsetting their carbon emissions as a small business encourages the shift towards businesses taking accountability and acting in more sustainable ways.

    NŌLA Candles also donate 10% of their profits to The Neonatal Trust, a charity that means a lot to Olivia’s young family. Her daughter’s were premature; and as challenging as this experience was, their family is forever grateful to the people who helped them through that time.

    Check out our wonderful range of NŌLA Candles and diffusers here at Moore Wilson’s.


  • Milk Crate Vegan Crumble Breakfast Slice

    Recipe shared by Brigid O'Flaherty
    for Moore Wilson's 2021 Calendar

    Milk Crate
    Ghuznee Street, Te Aro



  • Supplier Profile: Grater Goods

    Grater Goods

    Grater Goods is a vegan butchery and deli/cafe based in Christchurch, owned by Flip Grater.

    They produce vegan meat alternatives such as sausages, mince and pastrami, and vegan dips/spreads, including mushroom pate and faux gras made from a range of beans, wheat proteins and natural products, as well as dairy free cheeses.

    Flip, a long time vegan, and her husband Youssef started their business after moving to Christchurch from Paris. Their ethos is to encourage everyone to eat more plant-based food by creating alternatives that everyone will enjoy, especially meat eaters.

    Moore Wilson's Fresh Market stock the following:

    Chch Chorizo - A delicious, medium spicy chorizo. Great eaten raw on platters and in sandwiches, crispy when fried, great thrown in soups and rice as a spicy protein boost

    Plant Pastrami - Sweet, Smokey Pastrami-spiced 'Corned Beef' Seitan. Amazing in sandwiches - makes a great vegan reuben!

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