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  • Supplier Profile: Greystone Wines

    GREYSTONE WINES: New Zealand's first winery to be certified carbon zero!

    From Waipara, North Canterbury, Greystone is the first winery in New Zealand to be certified net carbon zero. Also certified organic with BioGro and practising regenerative viticulture, but above all Greystone are known for producing a broad range of handcrafted, exceptional and completely delicious wines!

    After searching the world for the perfect place to grow cool-climate wines, the Thomas family established Greystone Vineyard on the slopes of the Teviotdale hills in the Waipara Valley in 2004.

    In 2007 the first wine was produced from there and over the years Greystone has grown amid accolades and acclaim to be recognised as one of New Zealand’s best wineries. The owners love the region and with their wines, aim to capture the essence of this site and reflect this in every bottle of Greystone.

    Greystone draws its name from the unique limestone conglomerate that we find as the bedrock on which our vine roots grow in. A limestone mix of fossils, sea shells and small pebbles that have been fused together through the seismic movement of North Canterbury. Over time this ancient seabed has been pushed and folded upwards to form the Teviotdale Hills.

    Greystone believe true fine wines are temporal, each vintage a fleeting snapshot of a place in time. They don’t seek to manipulate the final product with additives or flavourings – instead allow a true interpretation of the soil, vines and season to shine through.

    Greystone revel in protecting the land. The many ecological benefits of organic practices include healthy soils, healthy waterways, biodiversity, and a safe place for bees and other beneficial insects. The use of natural products throughout production provides a safe and happy work environment for their dedicated team. “We see our commitment to organic winegrowing as a bigger picture collaboration with our plant towards a more stable climate and sustainable ecosystem.”

    At Moore Wilson’s we sell a range of Greystone wines including their Pétillant Naturel, a non-disgorged natural bubbles that is intensely refreshing with fresh and lively aromatics of pineapple, lemon balm and citrus fruits.  This wine is thought by Greystone to perfectly capture the limestone soils of their hillside block.


  • Supplier Profile: Tohu Wines

    TOHU WINES: The World's First Maori Owned Winery

    In 1998, the world’s first Maori-owned wine business was established as Tohu Wines. Today Tohu Wines operates as an independent company under the umbrella of Kono, the food and beverage arm of Wakatu Incorporation.

    The first vineyard was planted in 2002 in the Awatere Valley, Marlborough and in 2005, another in the Moutere region outside Nelson. Tohu established their own winery in the Awatere Valley in 2012.

    As a family owned business, it is important to Tohu to uphold the legacy of its owners and their ancestors in its practice. The ancestors of the Tohu whanau were farmers, fishermen, planters, and providores. They were astute, creative and entrepreneurial. Tohu Wines make sure to enhance the resources and whenua passed down through generations.

    Today, Tohu create internationally recognised award-winning wines, all while remaining true to their deeply held values which include hihiritanga, kaitiakitanga and manaakitanga – doing things better, guardianship, and caring.

    The winemaking philosophy is to create wines that capture the flavours of each region’s unique landscapes, whilst upholding respect and protection of the land for future generations.

    The vineyards are certified under Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, and this as an integral part of the values under-pinning the whole operation - working with the environment without compromising quality and integrity.

    Tohu’s values of excellence, kindness, and innovation are clearly reflected in their  wines. Whether it's a family lunch, wedding or even a Matariki celebration, Tohu produces wines perfect for any occasion. Moore Wilson’s has been selling Tohu wines since 2014. The current Tohu wines stocked at Moore Wilson’s include: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Rewa Rosé Methode Traditionelle.

  • Supplier Profile: NOLA Candles

    NŌLA Candles are brand of natural , plant-based, soy wax candles made in the Wairarapa. They are a collection of hand-crafted artisan candles; unique enough to intrigue and yet familiar enough to feel like home.

    NŌLA was founded by Olivia Trilford during her pregnancy with her twin daughters, Isla & Noah. Olivia launched NŌLA Candles a month before her daughters were born and the brand has grown along beside them.

    Due to being pregnant while perfecting the recipes of her candles, Olivia committed to consciously sourcing ingredients that would burn safely and cleanly in peoples homes (and also around young ones).

    NŌLA Candles are made with a natural plant based soy wax, free from paraffin, GMO and unnatural additives which not only results in a clean burning candles, but an environmentally friendly choice as well. NŌLA Candles work exclusively with phthalate-free formulated oils & all of their ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free.

    Olivia believes lighting a candle is a ritualistic way to end a stressful day and create a relaxing safe space. NŌLA Candles aim to offer this ambience from their small, local and ethical business.

    Beyond their low waste initiatives and environmental focus in their workshop, NŌLA Candles make a great effort to offset their carbon emissions. They have chosen to do so because there unavoidable costs of Earth that many businesses refuse to acknowledge. NŌLA Candles offsetting their carbon emissions as a small business encourages the shift towards businesses taking accountability and acting in more sustainable ways.

    NŌLA Candles also donate 10% of their profits to The Neonatal Trust, a charity that means a lot to Olivia’s young family. Her daughter’s were premature; and as challenging as this experience was, their family is forever grateful to the people who helped them through that time.

    Check out our wonderful range of NŌLA Candles and diffusers here at Moore Wilson’s.


  • Spiced Cranberry and Currant Hot Cross Buns

    Recipe shared by Ironclad Pan
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    The Ironclad Pan Company
    Cookware made in Aotearoa



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