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  • Supplier Profile: Molly Woppy

    Molly Woppy began 20 years ago in the home kitchen of Alistair Parker and Hayley Molloy. Alistair was a chef in a top Auckland restaurant when customers started asking where they could purchase his fabulous biscotti that they’d all fallen in love with. That’s when they baked up a plan and Molly Woppy began. Juggling a baby, toddler, and full-time chef job, they made their biscotti at home and sold it into cafes.

    Today they uphold the same quality and principles as when they first began. From their humble beginnings (think commercial oven in the home kitchen), Molly Woppy has grown into a loved and trusted kiwi brand. From melt-in-your-mouth shortbread to their iconic gingerbread, they are known for simple classic recipes like you would weigh, mix and scoop at home. Molly Woppy has always been an inclusive brand, recognising the need to cater to those often left out of the biscuit market. It has offered a much-loved gluten-free range since 2005. The recently released, award-winning, positively plant-based cookies were released in 2021 to rave reviews.

    They are passionate about baking hand-crafted goods using ethical and locally sourced ingredients - NZ butter, free range eggs and real chocolate, but their most genuine and core ingredient is that they are 100% made with love. Their cookies are jammed-packed full of premium ingredients so that you fall in Love at First Bite® with them. They want every mouthful to be just as scrumptious as the next.

    One of their core values is to be as sustainable as possible without compromising on quality. Supporting local and sharing the love is what Molly Woppy is all about. Their premium range of award-winning cookies has delighted Kiwis for the last 20 years, and they are excited about what’s next … of course, we know it will be 100% drool-worthy – watch this space!

  • Supplier Profile: Fix & Fogg

    Fix & Fogg began when founders, Roman and Andrea Jewell, made the choice to leave behind corporate life to dedicate their time and energy into creating something meaningful, sustainable, and delicious. They decided to make the “world's best nut butters”.

    “We’re honoured that our nut butters have now won awards worldwide and we’re lucky enough to now have amazing stockists not only in New Zealand but across the world in Australia, the United States, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Samoa and even Tahiti!”

    Fix & Fogg believe their award-winning nut butters are so popular because people can taste the difference in a product that’s made by people who care about quality and innovation.

    Fix & Fogg's mission is about trying new things, improving the community and making beautiful nut butters. They're nuts about other things too. Such as working with charities supporting vulnerable communities, as they believe in giving back to the community that supports them.

    Fix & Fogg believe in doing their bit for the environment and are proud to be the first New Zealand owned food manufacturer to be awarded B Corp certification. Fix & Fogg places a big focus on reducing food waste, our carbon footprint and recycling. Fix & Fogg products are NON-GMO, vegan friendly and Palm Oil Free since forever.

    Fix & Fogg support charities for vulnerable communities such as food banks, city missions across New Zealand (and now the USA) and women’s refuge. They're also proud to be one of only a few food manufacturers in New Zealand that is Living Wage accredited. Because Fix & Fogg believe, happy people make the best nut butters.

  • Supplier Profile: McCashin's Brewery

    McCashin's Brewery, previously known as Mac’s Brewery, is a brewery based in Nelson, New Zealand. It was founded in 1980 by Terry McCashin, who produced the well-known Mac's beer. Today McCashin’s owns Rochdale Cider and Stoke Beer.

    The original McCashin’s Brewery officially opened in 1981. Terry hoped that his influence would keep the big breweries from attacking his venture. It has been said that the success of the McCashins was based as much on determination as it was on brewing good beer.

    The Brewery began producing the first unsweetened beer brewed in New Zealand for quite some time, as well as other types which had never been seen here. The McCashins’ success inspired a new generation of brewers to set up micro-breweries to meet the growing demand for a greater variety of beer.

    Stoke Beer

    Terry sold the Mac’s beer brand to Lion Nathan in 1999.  Lion leased the Nelson brewery for ten years before shifting the remaining production to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Dean, Terry’s oldest son and his wife Emma moved to Nelson in April 2009 and re-opened the Brewery, then launched Stoke Beer in 2010.  The name Stoke pays homage to the location of original McCashin’s Brewery, 660 Main Road, Stoke, Nelson.

    Rochdale Cider

    The Rochdale Cider factory in Stoke was started in the late 1930's. Stoke was the perfect location for a cidery because it was surrounded by apple orchards. In 1951 a cider factory and offices were added and apples were juiced and fermented on-site.

    The popularity of cider began to decline as that of wine was increasing quickly. By the late 1970s Rochdale Cider was the only remaining cidery still operating in New Zealand (there had once been four in Stoke alone). By 1980 it had closed. It was bought by Terry and Bev McCashin that same year, who re-opened it and continued to make Rochdale Cider. McCashin’s Brewery was opened on the same site in 1981.

    We have an extensive range of Stoke beers and Rochdale ciders in store and online.


  • Deer Milk Ice Cream from Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery

    Yes you heard right, deer milk ice cream! Wooden Spoon have teamed up with Pāmu to offer Moore Wilson’s customers an exclusive chance to taste deer milk ice cream for the very first time.

    The very vanilla, very limited edition ice cream contains Pāmu Deer Milk which offers an ultra creamy taste sensation, with a silky smooth mouth feel. Until now, Pāmu Deer Milk has only been made available to the best chefs around the country but together with Wooden Spoon we are bringing it to the people of Wellington.

    Wooden Spoon Freezery is an award-winning ice cream producer based in Wellington known for their innovative flavours and creations, including traditional ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, and vegan (oat milk) frozen dessert. Pāmu Foods is a specialty milks business offering differentiated ingredients to both domestic and offshore markets. Together with Peter and Sharon McIntyre, they have pioneered deer milking in New Zealand and are excited about it’s future.

    This single-run, limited edition offering wont be around long so get in quick! A sure way to impress at your next gathering.

  • What's Hot - New Designs by Pippa Keel

    Pippa Keel is an Illustrator, 2D Animator and Designer. Currently she works at ZHŪ Creative, a studio based in Wellington, New Zealand.

    We have worked with Pippa throughout the year to put together some beautiful designs for a new Moore Wilson's reusable bag, new tea towels, Christmas cards and more to come!

    You can purchase our new bag here.

    You can purchase our new leafy greens tea towel here. Our summer tea towel is coming soon!

  • Supplier Profile: Garage Project

    Garage Project is an independent brewery based in Aro Valley, Wellington. Founded in 2011 inside an old petrol station, Garage Project brought commercial brewing back to the Wellington city with the lofty goal of changing beer forever. From humble beginnings brewing just 50 litres at a time, the brewery is now one of the largest and revered independent breweries in Australasia.

    From it’s earliest days, Garage Project has had a strong connection to Moore Wilson’s - originally as a source for brewing ingredients and flavour inspiration, and now as a valued trade partner. The team brewed together out the front of Fresh on the original 50L pilot system, and later collaborated on a celebration Centennial Ale to toast the Moore Wilson’s 100th anniversary.

    Garage Project celebrates it’s own 10th anniversary this year, and aspires to be building a brewery and business with a legacy the likes of Moore Wilson’s. To date the brewery has created over 400 different beers, and counting. From firm favourites like Hāpi Daze, Fugazi and BEER, through to boundary pushing beers like Umami Monster and Mecha Hop.

    In 2016, Garage Project opened it’s Wild Workshop site on Marion Street, a home to wild and spontaneously fermented beers. Aged for several years in barrels and blended with local fruits, the Wild Workshop takes it’s inspiration from ancient techniques, brought forward into the modern brewing era.

    Garage Project is a credited living wage employer and Carbon Zero Business Operation.

  • Supplier Profile: Honeysticks


    Honeysticks is a New Zealand crayon company best known for their sustainability and use of 100% natural ingredients. Their crayons are made from pure New Zealand beeswax and are suitable for children of all ages.

    Honeysticks took off when the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19. As people spent more time at home, Honeysticks started to notice a rise in demand from countries all over the world. They are now one of the top results when you search 'natural crayons' on Amazon.

    Honeysticks are very focused on being better for both the planet and for the kids who use their product. They don't use any plastic in the production of their crayons and all their packaging is recyclable and reusable. Although they do not recommend eating their crayons, the ingredients they use meet food grade standards so will not be harmful to your children in anyway.

    The beeswax in the crayons gives them a wonderful honey-scent and they are made to be big so they are easier for little children to use and harder for them to break. All Honeysticks' products are made right here in New Zealand.


  • Supplier Profile: Tony Bish Wines

    Tony Bish Wines

    Located in the art deco icon The National Tobacco Company Building is The Urban Winery, the home of Tony Bish Wines. Tony produces premium wines made exclusively from the King of White Grapes, Chardonnay. As such, Tony is Australasia’s only Chardonnay specialist.

    Tony has had a long career in the NZ Wine industry, spanning 38 vintages and counting. He was Senior Winemaker and Founder of Sacred Hill Vineyards Ltd, a highly awarded winery with significant exports.

    Innovation is at the heart of all Tony does. He has built NZ’s first concrete egg fermenters and produces two wine styles made with this unique methodology. Tony also imported the first French Oak Ovum egg fermenter to the Southern Hemisphere, and the resulting wine Zen is a masterpiece of style and innovation. Tony produces 6 different Chardonnay styles, that have all received wide acclaim in NZ and in key overseas markets.

    The Urban Winery is a very stylish and modern fit out of an old tobacco building. There are a wide range of Hawke’s Bays finest wines showcased alongside Tony’s own Chardonnays. Daily wine and craft beer tastings occur, along with a Tapas menu, live music, and many interesting events and activities.

  • Supplier Profile: The Alchemists Table

    The Alchemists Table

    The Alchemist’s Table is a locally designed tableware brand, made to hospitality industry standards. Each piece is individually formed and hand finished by artisan potters in their New Zealand studio.

    The Alchemist's Table is a celebration of the magic of colour, form and natural organic beauty. They wanted to take the natural raw simplicity of clay dug out of the ground and turn it into something magical yet classic. To take the rustic authenticity of handcrafted shapes and combine them with the unexpected magic of glaze. A unique canvas that chefs around the world can use to present their culinary art.

    They think that the definition of Alchemy, a seemingly magical process of creation and transformation, is a remarkably accurate description for what we do. We’ve associated our pursuit of magical outcomes with the traditional alchemists.

    Their products are individually hand modelled by artisan potters in New Zealand before being reproduced with simple machinery to ensure strength and consistency. All pottery is made and finished in our Palmerston North studio.

  • Supplier Profile: Gellicious Gelato

    Gellicious Gelato

    The team behind Kaffee Eis make their gelato under the brand Gellicious Gelato (which also wholesales to cafes and restaurants throughout the country).

    They make more than 45 flavours, so each of their stores has an ever-changing variety to tempt your taste buds.

    They use authentic recipes, that have been developed over the years using only quality ingredients.

    Their fruit gelato (with the exception of banana) is all sorbetto – water-based, not milk-based. They are dairy free, vegan, gluten free and contain up to 38% real fruit – hence are 99% fat free.

    Their milk based gelato is just that – milk based, in contrast to ice cream which is cream based. This means that Kaffee Eis gelato is lower in fat than traditional ice cream and has a fuller more satisfying flavour.

    Kaffee Eis Story:

    Established in 2004 Kaffee Eis is the home of Gellicious Gelato their award winning gelato brand.

    Their Oriental Bay store opened for the first time in December 2004. The initial plan had been for a coffee shop that “sold a little bit of ice cream” because of its beachside location. This changed when, while holidaying in Noosa, owner Karl was reminded how much he enjoyed gelato and lamented the fact that no one was doing it well in Wellington. From there Italian contacts were made, machinery sourced and Kaffee Eis was born.

    The name was chosen to reflect Karl’s Austrian heritage – Kaffee Eis (pronounced - café ice), which means coffee and ice cream in German. Kaffee Eis quickly grew a reputation for both high quality gelato (which was all initially manufactured on site) and great coffee.

    It wasn’t long before a production kitchen was set up. This was followed soon after by a second store on the lagoon in Frank Kitts Park (Jan 2005), and two years later a third in Courtenay Place (March 2007) followed by Cuba Street (November 2013) and The Kiosk TSB Arena (June 2017).

    Whilst Kaffee Eis, along with its manufacturing and distribution arm Gellicious Gelato, is now one of the biggest manufacturers of gelato in New Zealand, they remain 100% locally owned and operated.

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