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  • Havana Coffee Works

    The wonderful writer and cartoonist Tom Scott once wrote, "if the Buena Vista Social Club and a Mississippi Paddle steamer ever had children it would look like the Havana Coffee Works Factory! Their glorious avocado coloured building on upper Tory St is at the heart of Wellingtons love affair with coffee. This building is where the creative caffeine visionary company roasts its potions for the people today."

    Havana Coffee Works was established in 1989 in Cuba St, driven by a desire to roast coffee better and cleaner than what was then available. Pioneering their own hot air roaster designs that were electric and not gas, Havana Coffee quickly got its own following of loyal caffeine addicts and co-founder Geoff Marsland gave their coffee the slogan COFFEEUFEEL.

    Now over 30 years on, Havana Coffee Works is still Wellingtons loveable wild child and a nationally known brand roasting delicious coffees with clean hot air. In 2017 they made the bold move to roast on the world’s most environmentally sustainable hot air Loring Roaster. Always a trailblazer in the industry, since the beginning they have used biodegradable and compostable packaging wherever possible and they ensure social inequalities are addressed through the business practices of Fairtrade and their own brand REALTRADE.

    Havana’s Real Trade relationships are strong and long standing. They make sure the people who grow their coffee get a bigger share of the price paid. This includes regular visits to origin, ongoing mentoring and pre-financing growers during the harvest. Havana’s Real Trade relationships pay premium prices in recognition of the coffee growers and the importance of the coffee industry to the many struggling economies where coffee is grown. Real Trade prices paid are over and beyond Fairtrade.

    Havana has close relationships with both their growers and customers. The new generation of coffee drinkers want to know where their coffee comes from and the Havana Coffee Works factory has an open door policy to show the magic in what they do. As well as their sustainability and education practices they also have a fun and creative culture for their staff to work in.

    Havana Coffee Works roasts with love around 12 different origins and has created 7 of their own unique blends. You can buy 4 of their blends and their straight Cuban origin at Moore Wilson's in both retail and food service packs, which can be ground to order in Moore Wilson's Fresh. Havana Coffee is very popular and is one of the brands available for customers to enjoy in a barista made coffee in the Fresh area.

    Moore Wilson's has a range of delicious Havana Coffees to take home.

  • Mount Somers Station

    Mt Somers Station is the family property of David and Kate Acland. Together they run the 3800ha farm that runs from the Ashburton River, at an altitude of 400m, to the boundary of the conservation park at the base of the Mountain, an altitude of 700m.

    Mt Somers Station runs over 13,000 breeding sheep, 3000 deer, 1300 dairy cows, and 200 head of beef cattle. The property also includes 500ha of native vegetation and beech forest which has been retired from grazing. This vegetation provides ample food source for the 400 hives on the property producing manuka and honeydew honeys in addition to the clover honey produced from the lower terraces. The Station has 12 full time staff, most of whom live on the property.


    David’s great-great Grandfather JBA Acland originally took up Mt Somers Station, and a number of other Canterbury runs, in 1856 with his business partner Charles Tripp. In 1861 they dissolved the partnership with Acland retaining Mt Peel Station to the south and Tripp taking Orari Gorge and Mt Somers Stations. The families of Acland and Tripp have farmed Mt Peel and Orari Gorge Stations since this time, however Mt Somers Station was sold in 1862 to Tripp’s brother-in-law Charles Cox.

    For the next century, Mount Somers Station had various owners, but, for the most part, the Acland family remained closely associated with the property.

    The Station originally included almost the entire of Mount Somers and bounded the Staveley Bush, however in the 1970’s the lease on the majority of the bush and mountainous area was retired and the land became part of the national conservation estate.

    In 1983, the current owners sold two-thirds of Mt Somers Station to David’s parents Mark and Jo Acland. The family moved from Mt Peel Station where Mark had been farming in partnership with his brother. The property was relatively underdeveloped with limited housing and no deer fencing. Mark undertook a massive development program and the first deer were brought to the property in August 1983 at a time when deer farming in NZ was in its infancy. Mark and Jo purchased the remainder of the Station in 2002, the same year David returned home.

    Lambs Wool Blankets

    Each year on Mt Somers Station around 15,000 lambs are born. All sheep remain outside on predominantly grass pastures for the entirety of their lives. Lambs remain with their mother for 2-3 months before they are weaned and grown out for market.

    The bulk of Mt Somers Station lamb is supplied for export with the largest markets for NZ lamb being the UK and China.

    Each year Kate and David shear 6000-8000 of their lambs, the fleece is slightly finer than the main ewe fleece and is perfect for use in lambs wool blankets.

    The wool is scoured (cleaned) locally then sent to Wellington for spinning and finally Auckland for weaving. They are incredibly proud to be producing these blankets entirely in NZ.

    The blankets are beautifully soft and a generous size (180cm x 150cm) making them perfect as a comforter for a double/queen bed, a sofa throw or to keep in the car as a travel rug. A quality blanket that will last for generations.

    Sheep on the Station are also shorn and the wool is used for carpets and heavier textiles.

  • All Good Bananas

    On the beach at Piha, three men concocted a plan to bring Kiwis their first taste of Fairtrade fruit. People called them, well, bananas. 

    But they had an idea that Kiwis might get behind other people getting a fair go…It turns out they were right.

    In 2009, not many New Zealanders knew where their bananas came from, or how hard it was for growers and their families to make a fair living from their produce. So Chris, Simon and Matt decided that day on Piha that it was time for a change.

    New Zealand used to source its bananas from the Pacific, but increased demand and better shipping meant importers started looking to cheaper producers in South America and the Philippines.

    When they started their search, they looked to the Pacific first. They worked with the Samoa’s Women in Business cooperative to create organic banana chunks, but sadly there aren’t enough of the beautiful, sweet Misiluki bananas to satisfy New Zealand’s appetite for fresh fruit.

    Their quest then turned to the other side of the Pacific and El Guabo, one of the world’s oldest Fairtrade cooperatives. They landed the first bananas in February 2010, and heaps of Kiwis asked their local stores to stock us.

    All Good believe Fairtrade shouldn't be a special term and that all businesses should be fair. That's why they've worked hard to bring Kiwis Fairtrade bananas from the El Guabo cooperative of small farmers in Ecuador because they do more than just fair trading, they make a difference to the lives of growers, their kids, our kids and the land.

    Good for the Growers

    Fairtrade gives farmers and workers the security of a stable price all year round but it also gives them something else: independence.

    On top of the price of bananas, the El Guabo cooperative earn a fairtrade premium (7-10 cents per bunch). Since All Good started importing New Zealand's first Fairtrade bananas in 2010 they've given over $940,000 back to the El Guabo community in Fairtrade premium funding. This has helped to support school kids, a free medical centre, a special needs school and sustainable farming initiatives too.

    Good for the Land

    El Guabo's small plantations in Ecuador believe in sustainable farming and biodiversity. The cooperative do not use any of the hazardous agro-chemicals listed in the dreaded 'dirty dozen' and Fairtrade standards ban the use of over 120 chemical commonly sprayed on fruit.

    Good For You

    All Good Bananas are packed full of the good stuff. They are a great source of fibre, vitamin C, potassium and manganese, and a very good source of vitamin B6, making them perfect energy food.

    With All Good fair trade bananas you are able to eat healthily with a healthy conscience… and that really is All Good!

    Moore Wilson's are proud to stock only fair trade bananas in our Fresh Markets.

  • Hogarth Craft Chocolate

    Award-winning craft chocolate from Nelson!

    When Nelson fisherman Karl Hogarth left for his OE to Southern and Central America he never imagined he’d be coming back with a career-changing passion for chocolate (and a new wife but that's a different story!)

    It was tasting ‘real’ chocolate in Guatemala that spurred said change in career for Karl from catching fish to crafting fine chocolate.

    Once back in Nelson, hard graft ensued as Karl studied and practiced his new art until his dream of producing his own quality bean-to-bar chocolate was realised.

    Karl, along with wife Marina, source the highest quality cacao beans from around the world to create small batches of chocolate using traditional techniques. Their small factory in Nelson, New Zealand is where they sort, roast, crush and classify, winnow, grind and conche, age, melt, temper, mold, and wrap by hand.

    The Hogarth’s search for exceptional cacao has lead them to the jungles of South America, the tropical islands of the Caribbean and sun drenched valleys of Northern Madagascar.

    Each origin is carefully evaluated to see which combination of roast, conch and sweetness will bring to life the bean’s true nature, to create a chocolate that is a reflection of its origin.

    Hogarth’s dark chocolate is made using only three ingredients: Cacao, Pure Cane Sugar and Pure Cocoa Butter.

  • Chalmers Organics

    The Chalmers family manufacture organic plant based products under two brands – Tonzu and Zenzo. Chalmers Organics Ltd are New Zealand’s only certified organic tofu manufacturer and have been manufacturing organic wholefood products for three generations. They were also the first Auckland employer to endorse the Living Wage campaign.

    The Chalmers story began in the 1970s after the illness of a young family member (now an owner of Chalmers Organics) lead the family to investigate alternative nutritional methods and develop a passion for healthy lifestyles and organic sustainable food sources.

    Chalmers Organics specialise in the manufacture of traditional and sustainable 100% certified organic food products that are both good for you, and good for the environment you live in. Their products contain no preservatives or artificial additives of any kind.

    As a business, their number one guiding principal is that people and the environment are prioritised ahead of profits. This means they only manufacture food products where the integrity of their nutritional value can be maintained throughout the manufacturing process, and the manufacturing process has minimal or no negative impact on our environment.

    The Chalmers believe organic food is more sustainable economically, environmentally and personally for all people across all walks of life. In New Zealand products can be labelled as ‘organic’ without having to prove this claim through certification. Buying Tonzu products with the BioGro certification gives you as a consumer an independent validation that a product is truly organic. You don’t have to read the fine print, the stamp says it all.

    Tonzu and Zenzo products available from Moore Wilson’s:

    Tonzu Organic Tofu
    An organic protein source that is very versatile and great value for money. Blend into smoothies or scramble on toast for breakfast. Add to vegetable curries and salads for lunch. Cook up in soups or casseroles, stir-frys and lasagnes for dinner, and make popular desserts like cheesecake, custard or whipped cream!

    Tonzu Organic Tempeh
    Tempeh (pronounced TEM-pay) originally came from Indonesia where it was an ancient delicacy, and remains a time-honoured favourite today. Tonzu Tempeh is traditionally made by tenderly cooking whole organic soya beans, and adding a rhyzopus culture to them. This culture grows through the beans, binding them together to form a dense, tasty Tempeh. Slice into thin strips and fry in vegetable oil with a sprinkling with organic tamari.

    Tonzu Organic Vegetarian Sausages
    A tasty, healthy alternative to meat sausages - whether you are a vegetarian, or simply looking for ways to reduce your weekly meat consumption. A labour of love – the Chalmers family spent two years searching for the right organic ingredients, bringing these together in a recipe that serves you the best textured and flavoured sausage, without compromising nutritional integrity.

    Zenzo are a new range of plant-based, dairy free products launched by the Chalmers family.

    Zenzo Coconut Yoghurt
    100% true certified vegan culture, contains ONLY coconut and culture – nothing else. Naturally dairy free, no added sugar, cholesterol free, trans fat free, additive free.

    Zenzo Vegan Aioli, Mayo and Sourcream
    All seriously tasty these products are suitable for vegans and the dairy-intolerant – egg free, soy free, nut free, GMO free, and gluten free.

    Zenzo Dairy Free Vegan Cheddar
    100% dairy free, no added sugar, lactose free, soy free, vegan, gluten free, and nut free. Enjoy as you would conventional cheddar cheese - slice or grate, melt and enjoy!

  • Urlar Estate Organic Wines

    With Scottish roots deep in farming and the art of whiskey distilling, Angus and Davina have always had a passion for the land and the beauty of what can be produced when it is nurtured. After falling for New Zealand, they moved their passion to Gladstone, Wairarapa, and here began Urlar.

    The first vines were planted at the estate in 2004, and now with 94,000, Urlar produce over 15,000 cases per year when in full production.

    Urlar began the process of organic certification and started using biodynamic practices in 2007. They became fully BioGro certified in 2010.

    Organic and biodynamic practices are about giving back to the soil and managing the vineyard as a balanced sustainable farming unit. This includes organic practices such as recycling through composts, liquid manures and increasing plant biodiversity. Using the biodynamic farming and gardening calendar, the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars are recognised and worked where possible.

    Angus and Davina sincerely believe in a sense of place. The soil, the climate, the people and their passion. By giving back to the soil, enhancing the environment they occupy and leaving it in better shape, Urlar has become a place for the long term and for future generations.

    Their passion is to produce handcrafted, elegant wines with a purity of flavour that is achieved through integrity. In every glass, Urlar invites you to taste a sense of their place.

    Urlar wines available through

    Urlar Sauvignon Blanc The excellent 2016 vintage delivers subtle aromas of white florals, fresh herbs and stone fruits. The palate is full and rich with varietal flavours of gooseberry, tropical and stone fruits. An elegant and restrained Sauvignon Blanc with subtle richness balanced with a lovely minerality. Wonderfully suited to herb marinated white meat dishes or freshly shucked oysters.

    Urlar Pinot Gris An opulent dry styled wine with aromas of sweet pear, honeysuckle and stonefruit overlaying a generous mouth feel of great weight and depth. The creamy texture on the palate from the lees stirring provides the backbone to a long and lingering finish. An elegant wine with a beautiful balance that will reward cellaring up to five years. Great with pork dishes, especially a slow roasted pork belly or Asian cuisine that is lightly spiced.

    Urlar Riesling In homage to its stony origins, this dry styled riesling has an underlying mineral thread throughout. Aromas include lime zest, granny smith apples and citrus which combine beautifully with a rich palate texture. A tight mineral thread runs the length of the palate making it delicious to drink now although cellaring for five years or more will be richly rewarded. It stands up well to lightly spiced tapas, Asian food and handles strong cheeses well.

    Urlar Pinot Noir An elegant wine of dark red berry fruits, dried herbs, lifted red florals and subtle savoury notes. The fruit is complexed by layers of whole bunch nuances, undergrowth, spices and earthy cedar. Elegantly concentrated with fine tannins and a silky texture. Beautifully suited to a rack of lamb or gamey dishes such as venison or duck.

  • Fix & Fogg

    In 2013 Roman and Andrea Jewell took a chance on leaving their corporate lives behind to dedicate themselves to crafting something both meaningful and delicious. When they set out to become the best peanut butter makers in the world it was a big risk, especially as they were just starting their family together.

    Roman and Andrea see their business as a journey which is why they named it after Detective Fix and Phileas Fogg from Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. Fix and Fogg is not built around the notion of selling large amounts of peanut butter, but “first and foremost loving what we do, doing it properly, and giving back to the community that supports us.”

    operating out of a small ‘nut buttery’ in central Wellington, Fix & Fogg produce small batches of peanut butter by hand from freshly roasted peanuts.  Their peanuts are the Runner hi-oleic variety, and they're extra dark roasted to bring out the full nutty flavour.  Hi-oleic means they have a high proportion of omega 9 (monounsaturated fat), which has been linked to reducing cardiovascular disease and lowering cholesterol.

    Fix & Fogg are accredited by Conscious Consumers for their commitment to recycling and reducing food waste and, in central Wellington, peanut butter deliveries are made by cargo bicycle. Each month they donate peanut butter to a number of local charities.


  • Elemental Bitters

    Established in 2016, Elemental Distillers is the brainchild of Ben Leggett, a New Zealand born freelance drinks writer and international spirits ambassador with a passion for the unique and boutique.

    After 13 years working in the UK and EU drinks industry representing luxury spirit brands from cognac to scotch to gin, Ben launched his own brand of cocktail bitters in the UK to great success.

    Now back in his home country and inspired by the global craft spirits boom, Ben aims to open Marlborough's first dedicated craft distillery and help establish a global reputation for New Zealand spirits built on naturally grown, local ingredients.

    Elemental’s goal is to produce premium spirits and liqueurs in small batches, from the finest of homegrown ingredients.

    To achieve this they work closely with independent farmers and cooperatives to ensure they get the finest quality ingredients from those who know and grow them best.

    The first products in the Elemental portfolio are a range of aromatic bitters, designed with the cocktail in mind. All are made entirely by hand in batches of less than 250 bottles with no artificial sugar or colouring.

    Grapefruit and Hops

    A refreshing aromatic cocktail bitter macerated with zest from ripe Gisborne grapefruit and organic Motueka hops from Nelson. A compliment to any refreshing cocktail or mixer.

    Blackberry and Balsamic

    An aromatic bitter essence created in the tradition of old English 'shrub' cordials. A perfect marriage of house dried Karaka blackberries and tart pomegranate balsamic vinegar; perfectly balanced to compliment any rich fruit cocktail or mixer.

    Coffee and Pimento

    A slow maceration of medium roasted coffee beans from the highlands of Ethiopia, enhanced with a touch of blackstrap molasses and spicy pimento. An aromatic bitter to perfectly compliment any matured spirit whether neat or in a classic cocktail.

    Available from Moore Wilson's Wine, Beer & Spirits or shop online for delivery nationwide.

  • Jackson Estate

    Jackson Estate are a Marlborough winery with an amazing lineage, history and connection to their land that goes back 160 long years. John and Warren Stichbury, who planted the company’s Home Vineyard in 1988, are great-grandsons of Adam Jackson after whom Jacksons Road, in the heart of Marlborough wine country, was named.

    Today, Jackson Estate can lay claim to nearly 30 years of excellent winemaking and are modern pioneers, combing advanced winemaking techniques with an old-world approach. They have been quietly getting on with hand crafting beautiful wines with elegance, finesse and longevity. With total respect for the land and focusing on low cropping levels, small batch fermentation, single vineyard fruits and minimal winemaking intervention, they continue to make improvements year on year, in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

    Jackson Estate make estate-grown wine, with all fruit coming from their three vineyard sites in Marlborough: the Homestead Vineyard in the Wairau Plains, and Eversley and Somerset Vineyards in Waihopai. Head Winemaker Matt Paterson-Green guides the winemaking team and has been at the helm for the last 15 years. They’re certainly doing something right with a trophy cabinet full to the gunnels.

    Continuing in their modern pioneer’s theme - Jackson Estate are very excited about their new state of the art winery and cellar door – both are in action from April 2017. This is Jackson’s first cellar door and will be a wonderful place to visit, taste the wines and meet the people behind the brand.

    Shop Jackson Estate at Moore Wilson’s Wine, Beer and Spirits or, for delivery nationwide!


  • J. Bush & Sons Honey

    Celebrating 100 years in business.

    J. Bush & Sons is a family owned and operated business of Apiarists (Beekeepers) based in Blenheim.

    Third generation Peter and Murray Bush are currently at the helm and manage 2000 beehives spread all over Marlborough.

    It all started in 1916, when Horace Bush (Peter and Murray’s Grandfather) needed bees to pollinate an apple orchard he was involved in. Horace soon discovered he enjoyed bees more than apples, so established enough beehives to earn a full time income.

    One of Horace’s sons, John, started working with the bees as a young child, eventually running the business in his own right alongside his wife of sixty years, Joy Bush. He is now 84 years young, and still enjoys being around the bees when time allows.

    J. Bush and Sons specialise in small scale production that targets and harnesses the special flavours found in honey collected from different trees and pastures in the South Island.

    Every flower or plant produces a different type of nectar that determines the flavour, texture, and colour, and the J. Bush & Sons team work hard to ensure the hives are at their best when each flower is ready each summer.

    From light delicate Molesworth Blue Borage collected in the mountains of inland Marlborough, to the robust flavoursome Manuka and Alpine Beech Honey Dew, there is a flavour for everyone.

    None of Bush’s honeys are heat treated during processing and packing, meaning all the wonderful nutritional properties of honey are retained.

    There are many wide and varied uses for honey including sweetening drinks or baking, as a remedy for sore throats, soothing scrapes and burns or even as part of your daily beauty regime. You can’t beat a classic though - toast remains the number one destination for honey!

    For an extra special treat Murray Bush recommends trying Bush’s Comb Honey on a cracker with a soft white cheese, (or blue if you prefer), and a glass of wine to really cap it off.

    J. Bush & Sons Honey is available from all Moore Wilson’s stores. The Bush family have been a valued supplier of Moore Wilson’s for many years and we are thrilled to see them reach the milestone of 100 years in business.

    Pictured: Murray Bush presents Moore Wilson’s Director Julie Moore with a delicious fruit cake to celebrate J. Bush & Sons centenary.

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