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  • Meyer Gouda Cheese

    The Meyer Gouda Cheese story begins in the 1970’s in a tiny village in the South of the Netherlands. After visiting a monastery in Postel where monks were producing handmade cheese, Ben and Fieke Meyer were inspired to try cheese making themselves.

    Independence, working close to nature and producing a good honest product appealed to the young couple who at the time were working as a teacher (Fieke) and an electrical engineer (Ben). Ben enrolled for a cheese course in Gouda run by Dutch cheese master, Mr G Elings.

    In the evenings they worked together, to build a little cheese factory in the hay shed on Ben’s parents’ farm near Bladel. Many years of hard work saw their cheese become very popular within the community. In 1983 they immigrated to New Zealand with their three small children, Geert (4), Fieke (2) and baby Miel.

    As the heart of the New Zealand dairy industry, the Meyers chose Waikato as their new home. Initially they struggled with the New Zealand milk as Kiwi dairy cows milk composition differed dramatically from milk in The Netherlands. The first year was challenging, however, trial and error and advice from a Dutch cheese maker in Mercer helped Ben and Fieke begin producing the quality cheese they were so widely known for in Bladel.

    After five years, the Meyers decided to purchase their very own farm to control milk supply, a decision paramount to the quality of their cheese production today.

    Nowadays, Meyer Gouda Cheese is one of the most significantly awarded companies in New Zealand, picking up Supreme Champion at the first New Zealand Cheese Awards in 1994 and a string of awards since. In 2011, their youngest son Miel was awarded the Cheesemaker of the Year Award – the youngest cheesemaker in the history of the competition to scoop the prize.

    Meyer did extremely well at the 2015 Cheese Awards with Miel once again taking out top Cheesemaker award and a number of their cheeses earning Champion status or gold medals.

    Meyer Gouda Cheese is now a fully-fledged family affair with the next generation at the helm. Miel took over as general manager of Meyer Gouda Cheese after Ben and Fieke retired in 2007. In August 2011, eldest son Geert came back from The Netherlands as head cheese maker for Meyer Gouda Cheese.

    Meyer Gouda cheese is available in wedges or whole rounds from Moore Wilson’s Fresh.

  • Peoples Coffee

    Wellington based Peoples Coffee is a small-scale roasting, wholesale and retail business specialising in fairtrade organic coffee.

    Started in 2004 by Matt Lamason in a 20m2 store in Newtown, Peoples aim as coffee roasters was connect with the farmers who grew the coffee and to control the quality of as much of the process as possible.

    The farmers who supply Peoples Coffee are part of a Cooperative. These are farmers that would otherwise not produce enough beans to access the export market but they pool their resources with each other, meaning they can cut out the middle man (the broker) and share the profits as a group. Peoples Coffee regularly visit the cooperatives they work with in Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.

    In mid-2005 they went entirely certified organic as well as fair trade and in 2008 a second Peoples Coffee espresso bar was opened in a converted printer’s dockway, on Garrett Street, just off Cuba Street.

    Now, over 10 years on, Peoples Coffee have stood true to their philosophy and are one of Wellington’s best known coffee brands. They are also the only coffee brand at Moore Wilson's Fresh that is entirely fairtrade and organic.

    Peoples Coffee is one of the five brands at Moore Wilson’s Fresh Tory Street that you can choose to have in your espresso – just let our barista know your preference.

    We also have a range of fresh Peoples Coffee Beans which can be ground to your liking to take home.

  • Six Barrel Soda

    Six Barrel Soda Co. is a Wellington based specialty soda company making bottled sodas and soda syrups from their central Te Aro HQ.

    They make their sodas and soda syrups the old fashioned way, the colours and flavours come from the natural ingredients.

    Established in 2012 by Joseph Slater and Mike Stewart, Six Barrel Soda’s syrups and bottled sodas are now being enjoyed around New Zealand and overseas in Australia, the United States and Hong Kong by top cafes, restaurants, bars and home soda fans looking for something different. All over the place people that care about good drinks are serving natural, creative and seasonal sodas.

    Keep an eye out for their latest seasonal and limited release sodas popping up in-store throughout the year.

  • Pacific Harvest

    Since 2002, Pacific Harvest owners Doug and Louise Fawcett have had a goal of making sea vegetables (edible seaweed) a more integral and accessible part of everyday cooking.

    Nowadays Pacific Harvest offers a range of sea vegetable products which have become increasingly popular with the health conscious and gourmets alike.

    They harvest sea vegetables from New Zealand where ever possible, however the restrictions imposed on the harvest of local seaweeds, and the desire to provide seaweeds that are indigenous to different oceans, require that some of their seaweeds are imported from other countries.

    Why seaweed?

    Seaweeds are vegetables growing in the sea. In Asia, they easily represent 15% of the diet; in the West they have become better accepted (mainly thanks to sushi), but they still represent an untapped culinary potential as their range and variety far surpasses that of land vegetables. They offer a new world of colours, flavours and textures for the foodie to discover and create.

    Seaweeds are a functional food that have the combined nutrients of fish, meat and vegetables, are vegan, raw and gluten free. Seaweeds are also far more concentrated in nutrients than their land counterpart so a little bit goes a long way.

    Pacific Harvest carries 12 varieties of seaweed, half of them from New Zealand. To ensure they’re safe to consume, their seaweeds are tested for contaminants. All of their seaweeds are harvested sustainably, dried naturally and unprocessed so they keep all their original nutrients.

    Most of Pacific Harvest’s seaweeds are packed dried as it is the natural way to extend their shelf-life; unlike land vegetables, seaweeds recover their original texture upon rehydration. Remember, they won’t keep long after rehydration - so just reconstitute what you need.

    How to use seaweed in everyday life

    Despite their common association with Asian cuisine, seaweeds have strong historical roots in various parts of the world, spanning many continents and cultures, from the Vikings to the Native Indians of America. In the West, however, the art of seaweed cookery has been somewhat forgotten, with only small pockets of tradition remaining. Nowadays, our exposure to seaweed is mostly through Asian fare although there are many simple ways to include seaweed in everyday meal, whatever diet you choose:

    - Use seaweed seasonings instead of salt or other seasonings and garnishes. A great alternative to regular salt, seaweed is salty with less sodium and more of the other minerals we need.

    - Add seaweed powders to smoothies

    - Use Kombu in stocks, stews or to cook grains; it will tenderize, add flavour and increase digestibility

    - Use seaweed leaves as wraps to cook food; it will add flavour, impart nutritional value and preserve moisture during cooking

    - Add pieces of seaweed to soups and salads, a small amount is all you need

    - Make salsas and pestos

    Many New Zealand chefs and cafes have seaweed on the menu including Al Brown @ Depot, French Café, Little Bird Organics and O’Connell St. Bistro.

    Visit Pacific Harvest online for more seaweed facts and recipe inspiration.

  • The Blackball Salami Co.

    The Blackball Salami Company was started as a family run butchery in 1992 by Pat Kennedy, in Blackball on New Zealand’s rugged West Coast.

    The knowledge and skills Pat learned while travelling to Europe were brought home to the kitchen of the 'Stonehouse' (featured in the Blackball logo), and Blackball Salami Company was created. Over the years, recipes have been tested, tasted, adapted and improved upon to produce a unique and comprehensive range of wonderful products available today.

    The business is now owned and operated by West Coast couple Phil & Debbie Russ. Blackball sausages use 100% New Zealand meat and are MSG and gluten free. Pork, Beef and Venison sausages are delivered fresh twice weekly.

    Blackball also have an extensive salami range – all made the old fashioned way, by natural curing and wood smoking.

    Their black puddings were a Gold Medal Winner in the 2014 Devro NZ Sausage Competition and continue to be in high demand. Made in a unique horse shoe shape as well in a chubb form, each one a work of art. They also produce a tasty white pudding made with pork and leeks.

    Find me at... Moore Wilson's Fresh Tory St, Porirua and Masterton. 

  • Peckham's Traditional Cider

    Peckham’s are one of the few New Zealand cider producers who grow apples
    specifically for cider making.

    Alex and Caroline Peckham planted their first cider apples in New Zealand in 2004. Since then, they have amassed a great deal of experience on growing cider trees and making cider under New Zealand conditions. Clay soils combined with Nelson’s exceptional sunlight hours, are famed for producing fantastic, full flavoured fruit.

    Peckham’s moved on to their current orchard in the Moutere Valley near Nelson in 2006 and have been planting and grafting ever since. They quickly outgrew their first apple press and cidery, and in 2012 built a new cider barn and imported an apple juicing line from Europe. A second tank room followed the year after, and every inch is now full.

    Peckham’s ciders are made from 100% fresh juice, and are made only in autumn with tree ripened fruit. Fruit is hand harvested before being milled and pressed into rich, intensely aromatic, cider juice. Each type of apple has specific characteristics, and varieties are carefully blended to yield the appropriate acidity levels and balanced tannins. Key to their complex, full bodied ciders is slow fermenting and ageing the ciders for at least six months.

    Subject to availability Peckham’s Ciders are available at Moore Wilson’s Wine, Beer & Spirits.

    When it comes to cider making and their hard work is certainly paying off. At the 2019 NZ Cider Awards Peckham’s won six out of seven categories, including Fruit, Modern, Traditional, Spice Botanicals or Honey, Specialty and overall NZ Cider Champion for their Brown's Apple Cider.

    Alex & Caroline aren’t planning of expanding their operations in the near future instead they will focus on making their ciders ever better and experimenting with new cider making techniques.

    Cider fans make no mistake; this small but dedicated team of hands-on cider makers are one to watch!

  • Ruth Pretty

    Leading New Zealand chef, caterer, teacher and food writer, Ruth Pretty is known for fresh, delicious, imaginative New Zealand Cuisine, whether it's for an event in New Zealand or in an international setting.

    Ruth and husband Paul started Ruth Pretty Catering in 1988 and today you will find Ruth and her team at most of Wellington's biggest and most prestigious events, ranging from movie premiers to the Air New Zealand Wine Awards where she provides dinner for 750 discerning wine and food specialists.

    Internationally Ruth managed the New Zealand Pavilion's VIP hospitality lounge at the World Expo in Japan, presenting exquisite New Zealand tastes to visiting dignitaries. She did the same at the New Zealand Pavilion at the next World Expo in Shanghai as well as providing catering services for Emirate's Team New Zealand VIP Centre during the Americas Cup in Valencia.

    All this is organised from her home and cooking school venue at Springfield in Horowhenua where Ruth's cooking school participants say she delivers an exceptional culinary experience in a relaxed, generous and good humoured style. Springfield is a wonderful place and a beautiful setting featuring well- established trees and immaculate lawns.

    As well as being a customer and friend of Moore Wilson's, Ruth's range of delicious condiments are also available from Moore Wilson's Fresh. Look out for the top-selling Tomato Chilli Jam and a range of sweet conserves like Raspberry, Black Doris and Feijoa Ginger Jams.

    Christmas wouldn't be the same without Ruth Pretty's Christmas Cake. Rich, moist and delicious, Ruth's beautifully boxed cakes are perfect for mailing to friends and family overseas. When you serve it at home, try with a glass of sherry - a perfect festive match!


  • Culley's Hot Sauce

    Chris Cullen, or “Culley”, has always had a passion for food, and in particular the odd chilli here and there!

    Chris was a successful Chef in both Auckland and Melbourne for over 10 years, focusing primarily on corporate catering and private dining. During this time he was using only the highest quality ingredients, a mantra he has maintained to this day.

    He began selling his products at the Clevedon Farmers’ Market and business has boomed from there. “A lot of chilli sauces on the market are quite vinegary and I wanted to move away from that. I also wanted to use onion and garlic – I think you need them to smooth the chilli out.”
    Culley sources his chillies from two New Zealand growers, The Chilli & Capsicum Co and The Curious Croppers.

    Culley’s been recognised both locally and internationally for their range of hot sauces including by the Cuisine Artisan Awards, NZ Food Awards, Cajun Hot Sauce Awards and the Westpac Business Awards.

  • Arobake

    Arobake was established in October 1989 by Max Fuhrer as a small bakery in Wellington’s iconic Aro Valley.

    The son of a Swiss cheese maker, Kiwi-born Max has ample quantities of the attributes the Swiss are famous for - honesty, accuracy, precision and quality. He served his bakery apprenticeship in Wellington under the late Barend de Bes and, on becoming a fully-fledged baker, took himself off to Lucerne and Zurich in Switzerland to hone his skills for the next three years.

    Arobake has been baking since 1989 and are well known in Wellington for their quality product range which includes authentic traditional European breads, cakes, patisserie and a packaged biscuit range. At Easter you’ll find their Hot Cross Buns at Moore Wilson’s and they produce a mean Christmas Mince Pie during the festive season.

    It’s not only their customers who think Arobake’s products are tops, they’ve also won a number of awards over the years including.

    If you’re in Aro Valley be sure to visit their shop for café style food and fresh baked goodies. Arobake delivers a range of breads, cakes and patisserie fresh daily to Moore Wilson’s Fresh Tory Street and Porirua.

    Find out more about Arobake here.

  • The Wellington Chocolate Factory

    Co-owned by Gabe Davidson and Rochelle Harrison, the Wellington Chocolate Factory produce organic, ethically traded, bean to bar chocolate of the highest quality. Their chocolate story starts with meeting the farmers and bringing the best single-origin beans into their Te Aro factory from across the globe.

    They then roast, crack, winnow, conch and temper – using artisan methods reaching back to the 18th century – producing batches of strong, luscious organic chocolate. Legendary New Zealand artists add their own dash of inspiration, infusing each bars wrapper with original designs. Every bar has a story to tell. WCF is known for their unique flavours, Kiwi connection, and commitment to fair trade principles.

    Wellington Chocolate Factory have won multiple awards and most recently won three awards at the 2020 NZ Chocolate Awards - Joint Category Winner & Gold (Chocolate Bar with Flavours and/or Inclusions), Gold (chocolate Bar, Plain) and Silver (Chocolate Bar with Flavours and/or Inclusions).

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