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  • The Mighty Coconut

    Coconut (that humble hairy fruit we’ve always been aware of but have seldom taken seriously) now has a growing band of supporters who claim it is a superfood.

    The claim for superfood status is based on new research and a recently released body of evidence that says coconut is not the fat laden nasty earlier dieticians believed it to be. In fact quite the reverse. Coconut and virgin coconut oil in particular, are now believed by many to have properties that can prevent, or even cure, a wide range of ailments ranging from heart disease to Alzheimer’s. Also coconut health benefits include increased energy, weight loss, natural antibiotic activity, cholesterol reduction and insulin stabilisation.

    At Moore Wilson’s, we have always offered coconuts, primarily imported from Tonga, amongst our fresh fruit. One thing is for certain, however, there has been a remarkable surge of interest in a range of coconut by-products that extends way beyond the widely used Asian cuisine ingredients of coconut milk and coconut cream.

    Virgin Coconut Oil (non-hydrogenated virgin coconut oil) is the closest plant-based oil to butter in that it stays solid when cold, softens slightly when at room temperature and liquefies when heated. When buying coconut oil it is important to look for virgin oil which is obtained by cold pressing rather than through chemical extraction. Coconut oil‘s high smoke point makes it fantastic for cooking. It also has a pleasant sweet mellow taste that adds a slight unassuming flavour to foods without overpowering other tastes. You can use coconut oil for just about anything from spreading it on your morning toast or pancakes to using it in place of butter in sauces and baking. Coconut oil is even used by some as a hair and skin moisturiser.

    Coconut Flour is a soft flour produced from dried coconut meat. Low carbohydrate, high fibre and gluten-free, coconut flour is the darling in the world of wheat-free baking. A word of caution however: baking with coconut flour does require special techniques to produce good results. For instance coconut flour is extraordinarily absorbent so in some cases very little coconut flour is required to produce a recipe.

    Coconut Sugar shouldn't be confused with palm sugar which is made from a different palm tree. Coconut sugar, made from coconut tree sap, is similar to regular sugar although it is claimed by the Philippine Dept of Agriculture to have a much lower glycemic (GI) index. It also contains additional minerals not found in normal sugar like iron, zinc and calcium.

    Desiccated Coconut this traditional baking product has long been available at Moore Wilson’s and these days has been joined by a fine version and a chunky version that features larger coconut flakes.

    Coconut Water is the clear liquid found inside young green coconuts. Much touted for its ability to replace electrolytes, coconut water is now widely used as a natural alternative to chemical laden sports drinks.

    Coconut Sweetened Condensed Milk a vegan alternative to traditional condensed milk. Coconut Sweetened Condensed Milk is free from dairy, lactose, soy and gluten with a rich coconut flavour. Experiment with it in any recipe calling for condensed milk!

    Coconut Milk and Cream Coconut milk has the liquid consistency of cow's milk and is made from simmering one part shredded coconut in one part water. Coconut milk is the basis of most Thai curries. Coconut cream is much thicker and richer. It is made from simmering four parts shredded coconut in one part water. The cream that rises to the top of a can of coconut milk is also considered coconut cream.

    Coconut Ice Cream & Drinking Milk Little Island ‘Nice-cream’ is not only dairy and gluten free, it’s also vegan, nut free and soy free so it’s especially allergy friendly — and best of all, it actually tastes great! Containing less sugar and half the fat of regular ice cream, it’s a healthier dessert option too.

    Little Island also produce a Coconut Drinking Milk - an experience similar to regular milk but without the dairy. It’s perfect for smoothies, muesli, coffee or drinking straight from the bottle. With the addition of the best Fairtrade organic cocoa, the Chocolate Coconut Milk is a rich but not-too-sweet treat.

    Coconut Yoghurt another great alternative to dairy-based yoghurts. Coconut yoghurt has less sugar than most yoghurts and a unique flavour. At Moore Wilson's Fresh you'll find a range of thick and creamy coconut yoghurts including Coyo, The Raglan Coconut Yoghurt Co and Cathedral Cove.

    See our full range of coconut products at Moore Wilson's Fresh Tory Street.

  • Clean Eating Cookbooks

    Superfoods, Paleo and Primal Diets and Clean Eating have certainly been big news in 2015. A number of top chefs have ditched refined sugar and nasty fats in their latest cookbooks. Here’s some of our top picks:

    Brownyn Kan 'Whole'  Featuring recipes from premier wholefood bloggers and entrepreneurs, WHOLE is a book born from the demands for better food. Compiled by Bronwyn Kan, WHOLE explores the personal relationship between each contributor and the food they make. Drawing from their collective experience, the healthy wholefoods recipes within are simple to make and are designed to nourish body and mind.

    Donna Hay ‘Life in Balance’ Australia's most trusted home cook is celebrating a fresher approach to eating. Each chapter, from breakfast to baking, has simple recipes enriched with nature's superfoods. And because we all need the occasional decadence there are a few yummy better-for-you sweets.

    Hemsley Hemsley ‘The Art of Eating Well’ A number 1 bestselling cookbook by London-based sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley. Featuring over 150 mouthwatering and nutrient rich recipes which are free from grain, gluten and refined sugar.

    Jamie Oliver ‘EveryDay Super Food’ These are the recipes that helped Jamie Oliver lose two stone! Jamie's Everyday Super Food makes eating well exciting, delicious, easy and fun.

    Lola Berry ‘The Happy Cookbook’ Lola Berry's cooking is fresh, vibrant and jam-packed full of flavour - a little like Lola herself! Based around nutritionally dense wholefoods, Lola's recipes are gluten- and wheat-free, with very little dairy and no refined sugar.

    Nadia Lim ‘A Fresh Start’ A no-fuss approach to losing weight, getting fit and feeling your best. With over 100 nutrition-packed, calorie-controlled, deliciously satisfying recipes.

    Pete Evans 'Fast Food for Busy Families’ Pete shares more than 100 of his favourite no-fuss Paleo meals for people on the go. This is fast food as you have never seen it before: fresh, delicious, nutrient-dense and ready in minutes.

    Rachael Devcich ‘The NZ Paleo Cookbook: Eating Clean, Living Paleo’ Author Rachael Devcich, aka Cave Girl New Zealand, has been Eating Clean, Living Paleo for four years, and has been sharing her experiences on her popular blog. This book is written with kiwis in mind and is full of clean eating inspiration.

    Sarah Dueweke ‘Primal Kitchen’ Primal eating offers the benefits of a paleo diet with fewer restrictions, with followers putting emphasis on natural ingredients and meals high in protein and healthy fats and carbohydrates. Sarah's innovative recipes show how you can enjoy home baking and treat foods and still find weight maintenance easy.

    Sarah Wilson 'I Quit Sugar: Simplicious’ Sarah Wilson taught the world how to quit sugar in 8 weeks, then how to quit sugar for life. Now she strips things back to the essentials, simply and deliciously.

    Featured Image: Turkish Lamb Kofte and Cauliflower CousCous from Nadia Lim 'A Fresh Start'.

  • Say Cheese!

    Cheese Education and Tasting with Kapiti Cheese.

    Kapiti Cheese was born in the Lower North Island almost 30 years ago and brought new, exciting and memorable cheeses to the New Zealand public - taking us way beyond the familiar favourite block of yellow cheddar!

    Join Kapiti Cheese experts Justin and Julie to kick of cheese month with a workshop dedicated to all things cheese.

    First watch as they demonstrate one of their favourite ways to cook with cheese and while this bubbles away in the oven you’ll take a taste journey through different cheese varieties from fresh all the way to blue cheese. Learn how each cheese is made and the history behind it and take the opportunity to ask any cheese related questions you may have.

    Tickets $20 including a complimentary coffee on the day.
    Tickets available from Tory St Fresh Coffee Counter.
    Spaces are limited. Book early to avoid missing out!

  • Knife Sharpening

    A sharp knife is one of your most valuable kitchen tools.

    Bring your blunt kitchen knives along (wrapped in a teatowel) and have them brought back to life by Edge Revival while you have a coffee and do your weekly shop!

    When: Monday 9th November, 11am-12pm
    Where: Moore Wilson's College Street Fresh Market
    How much: $10 per knife or $9 per knife for 4 or more.
    Scissor sharpening $16 each.

    Waiting times may vary depending on demand.

    Edge Revival reserves the right to decline to sharpen a knife or scissors if it is not considered practical to sharpen. In this event a full refund will be given.

  • The Wellington Chocolate Factory

    Co-owned by Gabe Davidson and Rochelle Harrison, the Wellington Chocolate Factory produce organic, ethically traded, bean to bar chocolate of the highest quality. Their chocolate story starts with meeting the farmers and bringing the best single-origin beans into their Te Aro factory from across the globe.

    They then roast, crack, winnow, conch and temper – using artisan methods reaching back to the 18th century – producing batches of strong, luscious organic chocolate. Legendary New Zealand artists add their own dash of inspiration, infusing each bars wrapper with original designs. Every bar has a story to tell. WCF is known for their unique flavours, Kiwi connection, and commitment to fair trade principles.

    2015 was a winning year for WCF as they were named Best Small Emerging Business in the MiNDFOOD Producer Awards and their most popular bar, Salted Caramel Brittle, earned the title of Cuisine Artisan Award Winners runner-up.

  • John Conway Woodcraft

    Beautiful and practical - with the right care and regular oil treatment, these boards can last a lifetime!

    John Conway makes wooden chopping and serving boards by hand in Seatoun, Wellington from the finest quality new timbers, including Oak, Rimu, Rosewood, Pine, Mahogany and more.
    Conway Woodcraft use only new timbers as recycled timbers could be impregnated with lead (from past paint treatments) or other fumigations. Oils used in recycled timber could, in time, bring poisons to the surface – a risk John isn’t willing to take with his boards.

    Our full Conway Woodcraft selection is available from Moore Wilson’s Tory St Variety Department.

  • Olivo Olive Oil

    Olivo is the oldest commercial olive grove in the Wairarapa. It was planted by Robin and Ian Lockie in 1991 and reluctantly sold by them in 1998 to Tim Day and Rose Percival. The Lockies were pioneers of the olive industry in the Wairarapa and New Zealand. Olivo first started producing awarding winning extra virgin olive oil in 2001.

    Tim and Rose sold the grove to the current owners - Helen and John Meehan – in May 2003. Helen worked in the information/IT industry for 20 years and wanted a complete career change while John provides financial and business acumen to Olivo Ltd with his PricewaterhouseCoopers background.

    Olivo produce quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sold plain or infused with a range of flavours including Lemon, Smoked Chilli, Fennel and Cumin.

    Helen is passionate about olive oil and you’ll regularly find her tasting her oils at Moore Wilson’s Fresh.

  • Heilala Vanilla

    The Boggiss and Ross family started Heilala Vanilla in 2002 and still own and operate the business today.

    Before 2002, John was a retired dairy farmer, Jennifer was an accountant and Garth worked in IT. They worked a dormant piece of land in Utungake, Tonga gifted to them by the local village. Little did they know at the time that the piece of land was destined to lead to something much bigger.

    John and Garth put to practice their horticultural know how to kick start the plantation by researching countries around the world that grew vanilla in the narrow band 20 degrees on each side of the equator. The plan was to help to provide the locals with employment and hope that the demand for vanilla blossomed.

    It then took three years to develop and nurture the vines through the on-going art of careful training, weeding and looping, all while ensuring organic sustainable farming was being practiced.

    John who was once a frequent holiday maker to Tonga is now virtually a local spending up to six months a year at the Tongan plantation.

    In 2005 the first 40kg harvest of vanilla beans were ready. Time passed, the plantation went from strength to strength harvesting a healthy two tonnes in 2010.

    An annual crop is brought back from Tonga to the company’s base in Tauranga, New Zealand. Heilala Vanilla is then packaged for each order; the Pure Extract and Vanilla Paste, Syrup and vanilla bean sugar are manufactured, and dispatched to chefs, gourmet food manufacturers and a selection of specialty retail outlets, including Moore Wilson’s.

    The practice of true sustainability with the local villages and growers is very important to Heilala and has enabled resources for education and infrastructure, which the communities otherwise may not have had.

    Heilala Vanilla is grown using organic principles in organic virgin soil, on coconut husk frames, hand pollinated and dried under the Pacific Sun, then stored at optimum conditions to ensure full flavour develops. This is what gives 100% Pure Heilala Vanilla (of the Bourban variety) its distinctive aroma, shine and plumpness!

    Find me in... Moore Wilson's Fresh Tory St, Porirua and Masterton. 

  • Wairarapa Free Range Eggs

    Chris Martin knows a good egg when he sees it. Once head baker at Wairarapa’s award-winning Ten O’clock Cookie café, Chris is now the region’s largest farmer of Free Range eggs, Chris Martin and his wife Alexandra bought Wairarapa Eggs from Alexandra’s father in 2011. He in turn had owned the business for close to 30 years.

    Wairarapa Eggs provide their hens with the best of care and their Free Range birds have access to the outdoors 24 hours a day.

    Wairarapa Eggs received a ‘Good Egg Award’ in 2011, one of only 7 recipients within the Farmer/producer section. The awards, presented for the first time in NZ by the SPCA and Compassion in World Farming, recognise food industry businesses that support animal welfare.

    A family business, located just out of Masterton, Chris and the team take great pride in their product and in providing fantastic customer service. Despite being the region largest producer, you’ll still see Chris out doing daily deliveries to keep up to date with customers’ feedback, and to make sure they are providing the best in service and product

    Chris and Alexandra have three children – 2 boys and a daughter and, you guessed it, eggs one way or the other feature in family meals most days.

  • Raglan Coconut Yoghurt Mango and Coconut Raw Cake

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