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  • Mini Matcha Cheesecakes

    Matcha is a special variety of green tea, stoneground into a fine powder.  Considered a “super food”, matcha is packed with antioxidants, the super chemical compound that prevents aging and several chronic diseases. One cup of Matcha is reported to have the nutritional value of up to 10 cups of regular green tea and over 100 x the antioxidants!

    Matcha powder can be used in just about anything – smoothies, juices, desserts, or simply enjoyed as a nourishing tea or ‘latte’. Matcha adds a wonderful, natural colour to baking (or un-baking!) – as you’ll see with these beautiful mini cheesecakes.

    Makes  10 | Ready in  45 minutes + freezing time.

  • Meyer Gouda Cheese

    The Meyer Gouda Cheese story begins in the 1970’s in a tiny village in the South of the Netherlands. After visiting a monastery in Postel where monks were producing handmade cheese, Ben and Fieke Meyer were inspired to try cheese making themselves.

    Independence, working close to nature and producing a good honest product appealed to the young couple who at the time were working as a teacher (Fieke) and an electrical engineer (Ben). Ben enrolled for a cheese course in Gouda run by Dutch cheese master, Mr G Elings.

    In the evenings they worked together, to build a little cheese factory in the hay shed on Ben’s parents’ farm near Bladel. Many years of hard work saw their cheese become very popular within the community. In 1983 they immigrated to New Zealand with their three small children, Geert (4), Fieke (2) and baby Miel.

    As the heart of the New Zealand dairy industry, the Meyers chose Waikato as their new home. Initially they struggled with the New Zealand milk as Kiwi dairy cows milk composition differed dramatically from milk in The Netherlands. The first year was challenging, however, trial and error and advice from a Dutch cheese maker in Mercer helped Ben and Fieke begin producing the quality cheese they were so widely known for in Bladel.

    After five years, the Meyers decided to purchase their very own farm to control milk supply, a decision paramount to the quality of their cheese production today.

    Nowadays, Meyer Gouda Cheese is one of the most significantly awarded companies in New Zealand, picking up Supreme Champion at the first New Zealand Cheese Awards in 1994 and a string of awards since. In 2011, their youngest son Miel was awarded the Cheesemaker of the Year Award – the youngest cheesemaker in the history of the competition to scoop the prize.

    Meyer did extremely well at the 2015 Cheese Awards with Miel once again taking out top Cheesemaker award and a number of their cheeses earning Champion status or gold medals.

    Meyer Gouda Cheese is now a fully-fledged family affair with the next generation at the helm. Miel took over as general manager of Meyer Gouda Cheese after Ben and Fieke retired in 2007. In August 2011, eldest son Geert came back from The Netherlands as head cheese maker for Meyer Gouda Cheese.

    Meyer Gouda cheese is available in wedges or whole rounds from Moore Wilson’s Fresh.

  • Peoples Coffee

    Wellington based Peoples Coffee is a small-scale roasting, wholesale and retail business specialising in fairtrade organic coffee.

    Started in 2004 by Matt Lamason in a 20m2 store in Newtown, Peoples aim as coffee roasters was connect with the farmers who grew the coffee and to control the quality of as much of the process as possible.

    The farmers who supply Peoples Coffee are part of a Cooperative. These are farmers that would otherwise not produce enough beans to access the export market but they pool their resources with each other, meaning they can cut out the middle man (the broker) and share the profits as a group. Peoples Coffee regularly visit the cooperatives they work with in Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia.

    In mid-2005 they went entirely certified organic as well as fair trade and in 2008 a second Peoples Coffee espresso bar was opened in a converted printer’s dockway, on Garrett Street, just off Cuba Street.

    Now, over 10 years on, Peoples Coffee have stood true to their philosophy and are one of Wellington’s best known coffee brands. They are also the only coffee brand at Moore Wilson's Fresh that is entirely fairtrade and organic.

    Peoples Coffee is one of the five brands at Moore Wilson’s Fresh Tory Street that you can choose to have in your espresso – just let our barista know your preference.

    We also have a range of fresh Peoples Coffee Beans which can be ground to your liking to take home:

    Don Wilfredo Peoples flagship blend is complex, a full bodied flavour juggernaught with chocolate sweetness and creamy caramel overtones. The 'Don' is roasted for espresso but also works well as a full-bodied plunger.

    Colombian Popayan This fruity single origin from Colombia is medium-bodied with malty overtones and juicy apple acidity. Expect a sugary sweetness and hints of nectarine.

    Tadesse Meskela A clean, three-origin blend with smooth caramel sweetness and a light grapefruit acidity. This blend is roasted for espresso, but also works well as a full-bodied plunger or filter coffee.

    Ethiopia Guji A rounded single origin with vibrant overtones and honey sweetness. Fruity complexities of Plum, Apple and Red grape dominate.

    Decaf Peru Piura Light on caffeine but full of flavour! Works well as plunger or filter coffee.

  • Lot Eight Hearty Dhal Soup

    A comforting winter dish from owner of Lot Eight Olive Oil, Nalini Baruch. Serve as a vegetable soup or with steamed rice, plain yogurt and your other favourite accompaniments.

    Recipe featured in Series 1 of the Moore Wilson's Recipe Collection. Serves 4.

  • Donna Hay's Savoury Breakfast Waffles

    Waffles don't have to be sweet. These flavour-packed savoury waffles from
    Donna Hay are the perfect way to start the day! 

    Serves 2.

  • Sweet Fashion and Raw Goodness!

    Purewei and Half Baked Catering Co join the already impressive range of locally baked cakes and patisserie at Moore Wilson's Fresh!


    Available exclusively from Moore Wilson's Tory Street Fresh.

    Wei Chen has a unique understanding and mastery of traditional and modern patisserie, introducing Wellington to new and inventive flavours inspired by different cultures.

    More than just cakes, Purewei produce 'sweet fashion'. Handcrafted with passion, using only top ingredients, these sweet treats will ensure you have an unforgettable tasting experience.

    Sold by the whole cake only. Current flavours include:

    Fraisier Strawberry compote, mousseline cream, strawberry mousse with strawberry glaze and Swiss meringue

    Rum Banana & Milk Chocolate Rum banana, milk couverture mousse with cocoa sponge and hazelnut sablé

    Opera Coffee buttercream layer with chocolate ganache and almond sponge

    Matcha Island Green tea mousse, adzuki bean créme with matcha biscuit joconde

    Peanut Chocolate Peanut creme legere, peanut chocolate mousse with almond & peanut dacquoise and honey financier

    Caramel Breton Caramel mousse, salted caramel, dark chocolate cremeux with caramelized walnut and sable breton

    Orders welcome. Phone our Fresh Market on 04 384 9906.

    Half Baked Catering Co.

    Available from Moore Wilson's Tory Street and Porirua Fresh.

    Wellington sister Zara and Shinee credit growing up in Cuba Street cafe Midnight Espresso for providing them with the expertise to invent their own recipes, and instilling a lifelong passion for creating food with love.

    They believe that healthy and joyful lives should be nourished by incredible food. Taking inspiration from the Real Food movement, all of Half Baked’s food is made from scratch using as many local, raw and organic ingredients as possible. Their delicious 'un-baking' is vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free.

    Sold by the slice. Current flavours include:

    Snickers Slice Cashew coconut base, chocolate mousse layer, crunchy peanut butter, coconut & date caramel, creamy chocolate ganache

    Raspberry & Chocolate Mousse Slice Cashew & coconut base, Chocolate mousse with whole raspberries, Raspberry cream layer, Creamy chocolate ganache

    Individual Carrot Cakes A mix of almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, mixed spices, carrot and sultanas, layered with lemon cashew cream icing.

    Bliss Balls Lemon, Raspberry and Coconut or Apricot, Almond and Coconut

    Whole cakes available to order.

  • Saffron-buttered Pumpkin with Herbed Brown Rice

    Don’t let this recipe’s humble looks deceive you. For beneath its tomatoey goodness lies tender chunks of pumpkin in a sauce rich with saffron, spice and most importantly . . . butter! The vinegar-soaked sultanas add a nice piquant note, while the herbed rice not only offers freshness but also mops up all those wonderful juices you won’t want to waste. To bump up the protein, serve alongside a chickpea or lentil-based dish, or toss cooked chickpeas through the tomato sauce before serving or serve over herbed quinoa instead of rice. Soak the brown rice overnight in the stated water amount before cooking (in the same water) the following day, to improve its digestibility.

    Recipe from Emma Galloway A Year In My Real Food Kitchen.

    Gluten Free. Serves 4 .

  • Woodburn Venison

    The venison you’ll find at Moore Wilson’s Fresh comes from Hawkes Bay’s Woodburn Venison, run by husband and wife team Tony and Sally Haslett.

    The Haslett's joint farming story began when Tony and Sally started their own small herd on Tony’s parents deer farm in the in the 1980s. The 90s saw them move to their own 150ha farm and increase the herd to 500 hinds.

    In 1996 they won Hawkes Bay Farmer of the Year – the first time the award had gone to deer farmers. Going from strength to strength the Haslett’s upsized again, this time to a 243ha farm at Kimbolton, Manawatu with 1200 hinds. At this stage the bulk of their venison and velvet was exported, as venison was still perceived to be a meat you’d only see on ‘high-class’ restaurant menus, not something the average kiwi would cook up for dinner.

    In the Manawatu they faced two seasons of summer drought followed by wet winters. Add to this plummeting deer prices due to competition in the export market and the decision was made to sell up and move back to the Hawkes Bay.

    Disheartened but determined to stay in the deer game the Haslett’s went down a different track - ‘pasture to plate’. They bought another small farm and began getting their venison packaged into retail packs for the NZ market. Their first customers were friends and family via mail order, followed by a local farmers market where sales really took off. Sally began packaging cuts at a Napier butcher’s shop to keep up with demand.

    It was a few months after this that Woodburn popped up on Moore Wilson’s radar. We tried a few samples, placed a large order and the rest, as they say, is history!

    Woodburn continued to grow, moving to bigger premises and employing a number of full and part time staff.

    Starting off with quality cuts like leg fillets and steaks, the Haslett’s realised they’d have to start making use of the lesser cuts or the ‘trim’. They began producing handmade sausages, burgers and meatballs which quickly took over as their top sellers.

    In 2004 they found themselves unable to source enough trim to keep up with demand. A chance phoencall from Hasting’s Cerco and Firstlight found them a reliable supplier of trim. The relationshio worked so well that, two years later, they made the business decision to sell their own farm and source all their venison from Cerco and Firstlight.

    You’ll find a range of Woodburn Venison products at Moore Wilson’s Fresh including Denver leg, Denver steak, leg fillet, chipolatas, meatballs, mince, patties, diced venison, shanks, and osso bucco.

    Sally also regularly visits for in-store tastings and to share her knowledge – she loves introducing new customers to the great taste and health benefits venison can bring to everyday meals!

    One thing is for sure, while the Haslett’s may have changed their focus from farming to processing, their passion and commitment to New Zealand farmed venison and of the Woodburn Venison brand, remains as strong as ever.

    Did you know… New Zealand venison is rich in iron and low in fat. It is a nutrient dense food meaning it is packed full of vitamins and mineral. Venison contains both more iron and protein than beef and lamb.

  • Jamie's Italian Super Food Burgers

    Recipe from Jamie Oliver's new release Super Food Family Classics

    Serves 6
    Total time: 40 minutes

  • The Caker's Orange Zest, Pear & Raspberry Cake

    A moist and delicious pear-filled cake with tart berry highlights and sweet deliciousness from the maple vanilla cream cheese icing.

    Recipe from The Caker: Wholesome Cakes, Cookies and Desserts by Jordan Rondell. 

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